WeightLifting and Calorie Consumption: Know How Much You Are Burning By Doing What ?

There is no precise way to determine as to how much calorie one sheds during weightlifting. This is because every fitness activity consumes different calories of the body.

For instance, a barbell snatch consumes a lot because it is designed to target large muscle making. While that of a bicep curl is aimed at toning small muscles altogether. So it’s evident that to know about burning the calories we need different exercising parameters. It’s highly recommended that one should go for best lifting shoes, if they are taking up weightlifting very seriously.

Further, to know about how many calories have been consumed during aerobic workouts, we need HRM, an abbreviation for Heart Rate Monitor to determine. But, we actually cannot proceed further, because there is no clear conjugation between heart rate and calorie expenditure. That’s why it is not defendable to adjudicate calorie burn by using HRM.

The Most Result-Oriented Weightlifting Moves

The weightlifting moves, which deliver an impact on a huge pack of muscles, are the ones that build them the most. As per the norm that goes, one should try these moves with no weight initially, and add weights later as he/she gradually progresses.

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

How Many Calories Do Each of Them Burns?

  • In the first physical activity, in which push-ups are included, consumes 8.56 calories per minute, which is 514 calories per hour
  • On the second spot, we have pull-ups, in which we lose 9.95 calories per minute, i.e. 597 calories per hour
  • Going on to Lunges, we burn 9.33 calories per minute, which make up to 560 calories per hour
  • Squats help you slim down by burning 10 calories per minute, which is 600 calories per hour
  • In the end, we have deadlifts, which are known to cut approximately 9.54 calories per minute, which is roughly 572 calories per hour

The above records have been chalked out in terms of the exercises for an hour. But, on the other hand, from the practical prism, no one slogs for an hour, while doing weightlifting exercises.

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