Get These 6 Best Weightlifting Apps To Have An Enviable Body Frame

As you move across this piece, you will find 6 best weightlifting and fitness apps that will make you emerge as a ‘pro’ in an array of fantastic weightlifters.

1 : Pumping Weight

pumping weight

Mainly for weightlifting addicts, Pumping Weight is an application which intimates to them about the gradual development of their workouts with precise noting, guiding and tracking. Therefore, this being so, this app is designed to record minute details and charts to faciilitate the weighlifters in their pursuit of chiseled and well-toned abs.  

2 : FitStar


FitStar is a mobile application that helps health-freaks do their fitness sessions dot to dot. This application comes with a big roster of video workouts, well-tailored to various body types and fitness goals. Also, it is replete with customized monitors that give precise, real-time feedbacks on exercises. Fitness junkies are also provided with the much-needed motivation by the expert coaches, which acts as a spur to them to lead efficient, beautiful lifestyles. FitStar makes it an easy deal to keep up a training log, which eventually helps realise the upturns and downturns of fitness journey.  

3 : The 21-Day Shred

21 day shred app

A brainchild of Men’s Fitness Executive Digital Director, Mike Simone, The 21-Day Shred is close to the hearts of fitness enthusiasts for giving them the most impressive bodily results in just three weeks. It is a popular diet and exercise program, aimed at furnishing the man in question with the toned-up body with holistic touch, a source of envy for others, not to mention.

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4 : Jetfit Workout

jetfit workout app

Jetfit, as the name it suggests, is an incredible app, which helps fitness fanatics to maintain a record of the days on which they have to make an errand to the fitness gym, and of the days they have to provide the body with relaxation. Also, it helps in making notes of every rep, as a set of an exercise is performed, so that the improvement on the scales can be easily tracked down. This app is an edge to a scroll of a piece of paper, with numerous confusing records, maintained by gym-going health-conscius individual.

5 : Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy is a plain application, famous for its no-nonsense approach towards the matters of fitness and health. When on Gym Buddy, it’s easier for fitness buffs to keep tabs on their exercising schedules and lifting programs over days, weeks and months. Further, this application lets users keep a detailed log of their exercises, including sets, reps, weights and much more. Users can mark every gym activity with a tick once they are through.

6 : Sworkit


Engineered with a motive of honing of the body, Sworkit is an application for toning a particular part of a body with undivided attention. The app has all sorts of fitness workouts, depending upon your exact needs, and how you see your body a few months down the line. However, for definite results, one has to sweat away at gyms for a week, very religiously. And, the most exciting part is Sworkit’s integration with Spotify, a digital music service, which enables users to flow better on fitness equipments on their favorite tracks.

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