Usain Bolt – The Olympic Sprinter | Workout, Fitness Regime & Diet

Usain Bolt is perhaps the most revered athlete of our time. He’s undoubtedly the fastest man on the Earth. He has a habit of astounding the audience with his height. Plus, he’s quite the role model for thousands. But did you know that the Jamaican legend had to be coaxed into running by a coach?

Bolt was born in Trelawny, Jamaica on 21st August, 1986. He was pretty interested in sports, including cricket and football. His speed came to the attention of his coach in Willian Kibb Memorial High School, and he pursuaded him to try out track and field events. And that was the start of the Usain Bolt phenomenon.

Fast forward to today, where Bolt’s medal tally boasts a whopping 22 gold medals, 7 of which have been won in the Olympic Games starting from Beijing 2008 to Rio 2016. Bolt specialises in short sprinting, having won 6 gold medals in 100 m  events and 9 in 200 m ones, along with 7 gold medals in 4 x 100 m relays (which again suit his penchant for short sprints). This is a pretty decent score for a career, given that he has expressed desire to retire from athletics after the World Championships in 2017!

This picture from the Olympics 100 m semifinals in Rio by Cameron Spencer from Getty Images is the best way to convey what Bolt really is to the world of athletics.

Usain Bolt - The Olympic Sprinter | Workout, Fitness Regime & Diet

How Usain Bolt keeps fit

You’d expect Usain Bolt to be pretty energetic and brimming with enthusiasm to go to the gym every morning. But that’s the opposite of what Bolt is. The athlete admits he struggles to wake up early. I guess he’s all the more relatable to us.

Motivation is at the core of any athlete’s fitness. And the sprinter par excellence shares his with GQ. Bolt doesn’t want to come second. That explains his effort in spending 90 minutes on workouts to gain explosive strength. Bolt also prefers to maintain a lean physique. Another motivation he shares with a lot of us is the attention from girls. A tall, sculpted frame is always appreciated, is it not?

Bolt has a physical advantage in his tall frame. His longer legs enable him to cover the 100 m track in just 40 strides, compared to 45 that his shorter competitors need. And thus, at 30 years of age, his chest has been decorated with 27 medals, representing Jamaica.

Usain Bolt workout

Usain Bolt has a pretty elaborate workout, and you should probably be adept at these exercises individually before taking them on all together. Work to get skilled at these exercises. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Usain Bolt does 3 sets of these moves, with 30 seconds of rest.

Leg Raises

Side Sweeps

Prone Cobra

Side Plank Clams

Usain Bolt Diet

A proper diet is essential in keeping your body charged and getting the best performance out of it. Usain Bolt tries to keep off the fast food, which can be quite the challenge given how we’re surrounded by it. His love for chicken nuggets and wings is a pretty major problem given how it can be unhealthy. His personal chef is kept busy keeping track of his diet. With more age, there comes a necessity to eat a healthier and with more care, and we can assume his chef has more than covered those aspects, given how Bolt has been giving stellar performances year after year. Yams are a must to his diet.

On a typical morning, Usain Bolt has a traditional Jamaican dish, Ackee and saltfish, with cooked banana, dumplings, potato and yellow yam. Lunch is something like Pasta and Chicken breast, and Dinner is Rice, peas and pork. There is a lot of protein, and electrolytes like Potassium are well included in the Banana and Yam. Enough carbohydrates are supplied with the grains and tubers, and thus you have a winning recipe for health.

Isn’t that quite something? It is easy to see what makes Usain Bolt capable to make a hat trick scoring gold in 100 m Olympic races, consecutive from 2008 in Beijing, going to 2012 London and this time in 2016 in Rio. Let’s see what the 200 m finals on 19 August hold for us. Will Bolt get his hat trick in 200 m too?

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