How to stay Slim and Fit without going to the Gym?

There is no substitute for good old exercising when it comes to making yourself a fitter person. That said, it isn’t essential to join a gym or visit spas to burn and sweat out those extra pounds.

While going to the gym is pretty efficient and helpful, especially if you’re looking to attain a body like a fitness model or a pop star, you can be pretty fit without having chiseled abs or sculpted calves.

So if your excuse all this while for not taking care on your bodily fitness has been that the gym is too expensive or too far away, you can no longer use it. Here are some suggestions for activities you can take up to get gym like fitness at home.

Don’t sit! Stand!

dont's just sit too much

It might not be a huge difference in terms of calories you burn, but standing certainly has its benefits. You’re more likely to do tasks involving physical activity than push them off till you have a bunch of them to do together that justifies you leaving the chair.

Standing is argued to help blood circulation, keeping you attentive, unlike when you sit down and doze off midway an important task.

Adopt a living-room friendly workout routine.

Like I said, there’s no way around working out. You can certainly trim down the duration, but it cannot be zero. The shortest exercise routine with good reviews I’ve come across is the 7 Minute Workout by Jhonson and Jhonson.

You want a routine that gets your heart beating and exercises all parts of your body. It must also have a warm up and a cool down sequence of mild exercises and a few seconds of interval between two exercises.

You can supplement this routine with routines like Yoga and follow with some meditation or prayerfulness to tackle stress.

Move your feet!

We often shy away from walking to the supermarket nearby or taking the stairs to work; asking us to hike or jog is almost blasphemous.

But these are crucial to get fit and stay fit. Walking is a great de-stressing routine for many, and it is among the easiest exercises to incorporate in our daily routine, because it doesn’t really feel like hard work even after you take a long stroll.

Some might enjoy hiking. If you don’t have a hill or a plateau to explore nearby, go for a run in the park! And if all you have is houses and roads, cycle!

A major upside of exercises involving locomotion is that they get you burning calories without seeming like much work. Additionally, the results you receive include socialisation and street wisdom.

Conquer (or negotiate) your urges

It isn’t all that unlikely to feel defeated against your urge to have some ice cream. Sometimes, you really want to order pizza instead of cooking your healthy dinner. It’s OK if you give into them once in a while.

But as long as you can defend your discipline with the aspiration to have a healthy body (it’s bad enough you don’t do more), skipping those extra empty carbs and fats could save you a lot of time and effort coaxing those extra calories out of your system.

There is an easy way to strike a balance between your taste buds’ demands and your health targets. List the healthiest foods available to you.

Now grade them in order of tastiness. Now if you can eat the tastiest healthy foods when you crave some variety and richness on your tongue, you can avoid junk food to a significant degree.

Fitness is a really attainable goal; we just need to stop giving ourselves excuses and work in whatever capacity become the the best version of us there is.

There is no better goal to achieve, and once you have a good degree of fitness, you can see your confidence rise through the roof along with your productivity at work, which is likely to accelerate your growth in all spheres of life.

The first step is yours to take. Will you?

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