How to stay motivated to keep fit and eat healthy?

Gather around, kids, because this is going to be a revelation of the secret of the universe. Not really, but you know, motivation has been the holy grail of basically everyone who has ever tried making a commitment to fitness.

Let’s describe how it usually goes. You decide on New Year’s Day, fresh as you jump off the bed, that you’re going to lose 20 pounds, get abs, fit in your old clothes and/or only eat fresh off the farm. You march through the first 3 days like it is easy. You cannot understand why you didn’t start earlier; this is easy. But then your coworker eats a donut next to you, and you can taste the sugary icing slide down your throat like ambrosia. The next 10 days are tough, and the eleventh day, you flop into bed, rip open a bag of cheesy treats and put on some Netflix to distract yourself from the self loathing erupting within.

eat healthy

Well, no more of that. You need to make 2017 count! And so, you need to do better, and stay motivated even in the face of a big box on free donuts and Grande coffee refills. Here are some motivation hacks to employ, and hopefully, you’ll be looking at a more confident, sexier and fitter version of yourself in the mirror, this time next year.

The best motivation hacks to stay fit and eat healthy

Discover ways to stay fuller, quicker and longer

The number one factor that makes life tough in the initial stages of a healthy lifestyle is that you get hungry over and over. To feel full, you need to eat things with a high soluble fiber content.

If you can get full quicker, it can help you stave quite a few needless calories off of every meal. This means you don’t need to spend those extra hours at the gym to lose the same amount of weight. Incorporate fruits, raw vegetables, salads and plenty of fluids in your diet. These also help you feel full for longer, and keep hunger pangs away.

Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. And post them online

fitness pics

A big part of motivation is peer approval and encouragement. We make it a point to share all little detail of our days on social media, to be liked and commented upon approvingly by our online audiences. So why not employ them to help us in our fitness goals? Click a selfie each week, and put it on Facebook or on Instagram. Or get a Polaroid, and hang the photos you take on the wall where you work out, with the number of days, weeks or months you’ve put in. Whenever you feel low in motivation, and when you think your hard work isn’t paying off, take a look at these photos. Take a look at the adulation the photos receive on social media. That should get you pumped up.

Put your fancy phone to work

A lot of us have a phone that’s choc a bloc with features and sensors. Well then, what use are those hundreds of dollars if they cannot aid you get in the shape you’re chasing? Get a few fitness apps, and some fitness gear. Smartphones and their accessories today can help you keep track of the calories you’ve consumed, the exercise you’ve done, your heart rate and whatnot. They double up as exercise instructors and can be a blessing in case you get lost in the middle of a solo trekking trip. Put your gadgets to proper use!

Eat enough calories

This might seem counterintuitive, but you need to eat well. A lot of people get into dieting fads, thinking it’ll help them shed weight. The truth is, if your body is deprived of calories for a long period of time, it begins to slow down your metabolism, which makes it tough to burn calories. Consequently, your weight loss is actually slowed down. Some even begin to gain weight from what little they eat! So eat a decent amount of food. You need calories to exercise, don’t you? Only consider a practicing nutritionist’s opinion when modifying any diet changes.

Have rest days and cheat meals

have rest

Don’t workout each day. Your body needs time to recuperate from all the stress you’re taking up. Taking a break every few days, as advised by your gym instructor, can save you from injury, keep you motivated for longer, and also serve as slots of time when you can take care of stuff that needs to be done in your gym time.

Also, you can have a cheat meal every few days. Ordinarily, you want to eat less calories than you burn. It must not be terribly low. Mostly, a deficit of over 1000 calories per week is unhealthy. And you don’t want to keep a deficit for so many days, so you don’t end up going into starvation mode. So eat a heavy meal when you have a good deficit piled up. You want to still be in a deficit once you’re done with it; the purpose is to trick your body into thinking that food is now surplus, so it keeps your basal metabolism rate normal.

Find healthy food you enjoy eating, and turn your hobbies into exercises.

hobbies into exercise

The ultimate hack i can give you about health motivation is this; you feel motivated to do things you enjoy doing. So if you can burn more calories by cycling, but prefer going on long walks despite the lower calorie consumption, go for a walk instead. If you hate to eat boiled veggies, but like raw fruits with a scant drizzle of cream, get yourself some cream and eat an extra helping of fruit. That will keep you motivated to pursue your fitness ideals, and you can burn through those extra calories you eat, which is easier to do. It’s anyday better than giving up altogether.

I hope this helps you pursue your fitness goals with a positive attitude. Slimming does not always mean fitness. It is important to eat healthy and exercise. Leave me any queries you have below.

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