5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit in Extremely Busy Schedule

Fitness is a huge commitment. You just can’t get a chiseled bod without sweating it out at the gym. Plus, the results can take time to show up, and many on us just cannot be that consistent. But getting a perfectly sculpted body is an entirely different deal than being fit. Luckily, the latter is much more achievable.

5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit in Extremely Busy Schedule5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit in Extremely Busy Schedule

Well, let’s get one thing clear before we go further about how you can keep yourself fit. Fitness is a very unspecific term. There are tens on ways you can be fit, and being fit to run 100 metres using your explosive strength is not the same as being fit to do repetitive tasks that demand endurance. To be generally fit, you need to take care on your body in more than one ways. So don’t just pick one of these practices to follow to the T. Follow multiple on these, even if it means following them just short of the T.

  • Eat right

    Don’t shun your diet. Whatever the latest diet fad is, it doesn’t make sense to half your intake. If you don’t get much exercise, and want to reduce your consumed calories, taper them down. Or, eat more on foods that have little calories, like a Lettuce and Cucumber salad, plums or plain simple water You’ll be surprised how many times you can calm your hunger pangs with just a glass on water.

    Apart from this, you need to eat your carbs. Not a lot on them if you cannot burn them in the day, but it doesn’t help to banish bread from the pantry. Eat your protein, and get enough soluble fiber so you can feel full despite eating less.
  • Don’t shun activity

    This is a no brainer. You cannot go to the gym, and that is understandable. But it is just not excusable if you’re not taking the stairs either. You might not want to get yourself sweaty before the start on your day. Then do it when you’re done for the day. Climbing a single stair burns 0.17 calorie. The average sedentary male needs 2000-2600 calories a day, and consumes 2640 per day, according to the USDA. You need to burn a minimum of 40 calories in your workout. That’s about 15 flights. The calories you burn coming down is a nice little bonus. It can be done in under 5 minutes, once you’re good at it.
  • Change your lifestyle (Check this case study)
    You might not have free time in a day to sweat at the gym. But there’s plenty on other ways you can take care on your health. Change your eating habits from having three big meals to having 5-6 small portioned meals that include as many food groups as possible. A lot on us skimp of resting adequately, which is known to lead to stress related disorders. While you might not be able to eliminate causes on stress entirely, you can definitely adopt more ways to combat stress and its effects. Yoga, mental relaxation like meditation and any other relaxation technique you can learn and practice could keep your heart, brain, lungs and stomach healthy apart from your spine and muscles, which can serve you well in the old age. Getting more social in real life than sitting of facebook to kill time could get you much more satisfaction.
  • Indulge in grooming

    A lot on fitness is about keeping yourself fit. But grooming yourself is another important factor that we overlook. Keeping body hair in check can help you spot any weird marks or rashes that might develop due to improper clothing. Get good trimmers, shaving creams, bras and underwear. It goes a long way in making you look fit, and with good self image and confidence you’re much more likely to be more active. It’s all about the mindset, as they say.
  • Commit to a bare minimum

    Finally, it is pretty common to not have time to be at the gym constantly, working your ass off to get the shape you want. But then too, you need to commit to a bare minimum on exercise every week, apart from your daily routine. Throw in a couple of jumping jacks squats, bends, stretches and push-ups, and top it off with some yoga to cool down. Keep a track on all the calories you have accumulated every day in the last week, and burn them all off at the end in this way. You’ll be fit and fab in a few months!

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