Latest Buzz from Rio 2016 Olympics – What’s happening

The Olympics are a time for headlines. Lucky for you, you don’t need to bury your head in newspapers. We have for you the four most interesting headlines from Monday that you must read. Tell us if there are any more you find noteworthy.

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  • Doping battles rage over the Olympic pools

    Plenty of drug abuse allegations have flown in Olympics history. This current one between swimmers Lilly King from USA and Russia’s Yulia Efimova, however, is quite the conflict. Lilly came first and Yulia was second during Monday’s 100m Women’s Breaststroke. Lilly refused to shake Yulia’s hand after the event and cited the Russian swimmer’s “drug cheating” as the reason for the uninhibited disdain. Efimova, on her end compared the situation to a second “cold war”, only this time being fought “using sport”. Both sides have maintained their stances.
  • Tom Daley and Dan GoodFellow score bronze in synchronised diving for Great Britain

    Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow, who were strangers 10 months ago, have had their hard work rewarded with a bronze for their country. To win a Bronze in an Olympic competition is a feat worthy of a gold, given the comparatively short period the pair got to practice the sport together. The performance was indeed worthy of the appreciation it garnered.
  • Japan is the Gymnastics leader again

    Japan and China’s rivalry in Gymnastics is well known. After China won the gold in 2008 and 2012 men’s gymnastics, the coveted spot was snatched up again by Japan on Monday, with the amazing Kohei Uchimura leading the way. Japan came first, beating Russia to the Gold medallion by a narrow lead of 0.208 points. China won the Bronze medal.
  • Jonas Junius becomes second Olympic athlete to face sex assault charges

    Two short days after Hassan Saada, the Moroccan boxer was arrested for sexual assault and disqualified from the rest of the Rio Games, Namibia’s Jonas Junius was arrested on Sunday. The boxer is reported to have “attempted to grab and kiss the cleaning lady” in the hallway. The accuser is reported to be Brazilian. The arrest came after a judicial order issued on the weekend. The incident come as a shock immediately after Friday’s opening ceremony. It seems like even the best among men don’t appreciate ideas of sexual consent.

Got any news headline we might have overlooked? Tell us and maybe we’ll add it here.

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