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The aim most of us have is to have a more healthy, fulfilled life. Weight is no impediment to have a healthy life free from diseases, opposite to the opinions held previously by so called experts. However, if it becomes a matter of concern to you, and you want to lose weight to fit in a dress, for example, or if you feel only losing weight will make you feel better, you need to keep a realistic plan of action in place.

Do Crash Diets work?

crash diet

As many glorious reviews you might read on genuine-seeming websites, scientific studies show that all the diet regimes fail scientific evaluation. They have a high attrition rate. People are very likely to give up the diets midway, experience a modicum of weight loss which does nothing to their overall shape, and end up gaining the weight back in a matter of months after they go off the diet. So regardless of what the latest fad is, be it juice fasting, no-carb diets or a water fast, it is not getting you any benefit. Some might even harm your body!

What to do to lose weight?

how to loose weight fast

The simplest course of action generally is to embrace your body weight, and work of your fitness instead of achieving weight loss. But in the rare case weight loss is crucial for your body’s fitness, here is a simple guide to devise your own weight control regime.

Reduce 15 kgs in 2 months

Diet Changes

1. Eat Right

As is obvious, the first step to reduce your weight is to reduce the stuff your body finds harder to lose. Cut the fried food, the sugar and the heavily seasoned stuff. Eat veggies, lean meats, and avoid having large meals. Eat a few short meals intermittently instead of 3 giant meals with a long gap between.

2. Stay Hydrated

You need to stay hydrated to keep your metabolism running fine. And there is no substitute for water. Almost all drinks, be it your commercial energy drink, unsweetened juice, coffee, milk and soda have calories in them, and they can add extra, unnecessary baggage. Drink enough water, and sweat it out as much as you can. It’ll keep your pores clean too.

3. Skip the booze

Some alcohols have been reported to aid in weight loss. But given the lack of peer review and specific conditions required in order for effective weight loss in those studies, it is best to skip all liquor as far as possible. A little drinking every weekend is ok though.

4. Keep your taste buds happy too.

make-your-taste-buds-happy-77181785It’s no secret that the healthiest foods can taste the worst. Many of them are bland, or have an unwelcome crunch. Some just might be bitter or plain unpalatable. Of the other hand, unhealthy food gives us kicks. But you have the liberty to balance the two aspects and make your own diet chart. Start with the healthiest foods you know. List them down. Next, find out 2 foods in that list you find the tastiest. These two can be your hook to weight loss motivation when you want to wolf down some ice cream.

Exercise Plans:


1. Find your Basal Metabolism Rate

basal metabolic rate
A fitness coach can help you out here. Basal Metabolism Rate is the number of calories your body burns in the essential processes of the body, like running the vital organs, breathing, digestion and producing body heat. This is basically the bare minimum of calories you need to consume, even if you live a completely sedentary lifestyle.

2. Set realistic calorie consumption goals.

You need calories to exercise. Consume too less, and you’re going to end up unable to exercise at all. Eat too much, and you’re raising your targets. Consult a nutritionist, and they’ll be able to guide you in detail about the proper diet you can follow.

3. Find an exercise you like to do. And stick to it!

do exercise daily and stick top it In my case, I like going for leisurely walks and treks. So every weekend, I make a trip to the local ridge and tire my knees and ankles out. I set a goal of 700 calories, and almost each time i only manage a little over half of it. But it doesn’t matter, because i love being in nature. So i take a second trip each wednesday, when I work half a day. Ultimately, it is about making your fitness regime fit inside your daily schedule, not designing a completely new work schedule that fits with your workout and meal system.

4. Join a Gym

join a agym It’s pretty essential to join a gym if you’re looking to lose as many as 15 kgs. A lot of times, weight loss causes stretch marks and saggy skin, that many find completely opposite to the body image they were aiming for. Gyming can help your body stay in shape. Plus, it can speed your weight loss massively.


Follow these tips, and don’t fall for the trite paraded as scientific weight loss other places. Your nutritionist and gym trainer are the only ones to trust if you don’t want your body to end up in a mess afterwards. Stay motivated, and keep a note of what you eat. Write any queries you have and send them to us via the comments.

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