Pedometer in Happy Meal, McDonald’s Toy of the Month

In the next one month or so, children who order a happy meal in Mcdonald’s will find something new and exciting in their boxes. McDonald outlets in Canada and US are providing children with a wearable tracking wristband band as a toy of the month. WOW!!! 

Pedometer in Happy Meal, McDonald’s Toy of the Month

The Pedometers “Step it” wristbands are a part of their promotional campaign for the next four weeks. This great idea is supposedly aimed at the perfect combo children summer holiday and Rio Olympics 2016. The wristbands which are designed and created by Ceata, are apparently inspired by adult fitness trackers Jawbone and Fitbit. They are not affiliated with any other company or product & are exclusively made for the “Step- it” campaign.

The bands are not exactly fitness wristwatches but they are fulfilling one of the main aims though. Kids are happy! The fitness trackers are made up of transparent plastic, featuring single button on the screen and adjustable wristband. Each wristband comes with LEDs that blink in time with the wearers step. Slow walk allows the band to blink occasionally whereas jogging or running increases the speed and this is turning up to be the main attraction for kids.

The Pedometers offered in Canada and US would be available in six colour options: Green, pink, blue, orange, red and yellow. For the next few weeks you’ll be noticing its debut ads on television as well as on YouTube.

Technology is aiding people fight obesity in the US. According to researchers, one third of adolescents and children in US are obese or overweight.

Mcdonald’s philosophy ever since 2004 has been to promote healthy living with fitness activities. Though Mcdonald’s is trying its best to run the campaign, certainly there is no way to hide from criticism. In 2012 McDonald pledged to stop advertising its non nutritive products on television. In fact, they had spent $5 million on getting fruits, vegetables and low calorie products on their menu. 

The fast food brand has been in high spirits to motivate people and especially children for a healthy living.

Michelle Mcllmoyle, McDonald’s canada senior marketing manager said “Physical activities are important to people of all ages. We support children’s well being very much”.

The “Step-it” campaign is one of the best ways to encourage children and youngsters to experience fitness with fun. Good Luck Mc D 😉 

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