Mountain Bike vs Road Bike : What’s your choice for biking ?

Biking is a pretty complex sport. It’s not just about riding on roads; there’s all types of terrain, speeds and riding styles and capabilities that make for some pretty major distinctions between two bikers. Whether you do mountain biking or road biking, you bike for entertainment, sport or as a professional, it is absolutely essential that you use the correct equipment. There’s no dearth of equipment out there, and all sorts of features on offer come in all sorts of price ranges for your comfort.

What makes a Mountain Bike different from Road Bike?

mountain bike

Mountain Terrain Bikes, or MTBs, are a class of bikes meant for unruly terrain. They’re meant to be ridden to explore mountains, rockscapes, canyons and glades, and can navigate over twists and turns, as well as defy rocks, logs, boulders and all sorts of unpaved terrain. You can spot quite a few videos of them on the internet, and they usually involve free riding, downhill biking and cross-country exploration with some really tough and rough best mountain bikes.

MTB vs RB : Summarising Road Bikes

road bike

Lay men might assume it to be a regular variant of bikes, but road bikes can be much more complex. Road bikes can be plied on roads mostly, preferably smooth ones, because these bikes lack rear suspension. A more advanced version of these bikes is the racing bike. Literally, racing bikes are the best road bikes that you would have ever driven. You get the idea.

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike : Performance’ s Comparison

Well, first of all, there is usually no cause to compare MTBs and Road Bikes, since they have very different utility. But if you’re in a situation where you need to, here are how the two compare on common and important criteria.

  • MTBs can take on tough terrain like unpaved forest roads and rocky mountains. Road Bikes cannot, and if you try, you’re going to have a pretty sore back because of the lack of suspension.
  • MTBs have tires in all sorts of sizes, but they’re usually thicker than those meant for Road Bikes. MTB tires are also more durable. You don’t want to end up stranded due in the middle of a deserted mountain range because of a flat tire.
  • Road Bikes are lighter in weight, because they’re built of material like aluminium, titanium and carbon fiber. MTBs can be light too, but usually are recommended by an informed person based upon your body’s proportions.
  • Road Bikes come with all sorts of handles. There’s the rounded handle, the dropped handle and the common flat bar shaped handle. MTBs come mostly with a flat-bar, since you don’t need much speed but definitely need focus on steering and control.

Both sorts have their pros and cons, and you can choose one based on your need. So MTB or RB ? None of these doing it for you? Check out the hybrid then, which combines the two styles in the choicest permutations possible. Let me know if you have any more queries on these two in the comments below.

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