Michael Phelps Workout, Daily Routine and Diet – Stunning Facts

Ok, can I just say how completely turned on I am by the way Michael Phelps has performed in the Rio Olympics! Every time he takes a dive, you know he’s going to end up with a medallion on his chest. The Olympics should perhaps be dedicated to him, like they were dedicated to Zeus in old times.

Michael Phelps Workout, Daily Routine and Diet - Stunning FactsMichael Phelps Workout, Daily Routine and Diet - Stunning Facts

To get you a quick idea about how amazing, fit and absolutely mind-bogglingly stunning Michael Phelps is, check out this tweet.

Can you believe you share your lifespan with someone who has broken a 2168 years old world record?! What is it that makes Phelps so astoundingly awesome?

So what makes Michael?

The world was stunned when his performance in the Athens Olympics got him as many as 6 Gold medals. In Beijing, he scored 8, and in London in 2012, he scored another 4 gold medals! This time, Rio has seen him win 4 golds in the Olympics. And the question on everybody’s mind is, how does he do it?

Well, the answer isn’t exactly straight. What makes any athlete great? It is the constant commitment to excel at their sport, the perseverance to keep up the training even when you’re down in the dumps, the willpower to eat healthy even when it is your birthday and the all-you-can-eat-buffet is calling you with its delicious arms wide open. But even among the best of athletes, Michael Phelps is extra-ordinary.

At 31, Phelps is quite the exception to the usual swimmers career chart. Most swimmers make hay when they’re in their 20s, and retire out by the time 30 is around the corner. If not, their performance dips till it becomes unfeasible to continue the sport. Given the expensive nature of professional competitive swimming, where you need to keep your diet rich, get tons of exercise under a professional coach and how it is impossible to work an everyday job to pay for it all, with over 35 hours per week going into the training, it can be tough to follow the dream.

Phelps has help in the money front as well. And with the amount of sponsorship money that an everyday athlete can receive, it can certainly aid in the journey to be the best. Not many appreciate Michael’s shifty gait or see beyond a perceived clumsiness. But the man has quite a fan following across the world. From doing ads for popular brands like Omega, Subway and Speedos to the medals he wins by the pile every Olympic Games and in between, every bit of money and recognition serves to supercharge the athlete to give his absolute best.

Michael Phelps Body Structure

Swimmers know that not all athletes are born the same. Your body’s design, your height, even the amount of body hair can play a role in how quick you’re going to be in the pool. Michael Phelps is blessed in this department as well; his longer arms, shorter feet and double jointed knees serve him well. Some compare his feet to flippers, because they can turn a whopping 15 degrees more than the average human’s. And with the sort of workout regime Phelps follows, there is no chance of a race against Phelps being an easy battle.

Michael Phelps Workout Regime

Michael Phelps’ regime is pretty tough. Glance through it and you can see the amount of overwhelming detail. Michael Phelps’s workout shows you the amount of dedication you need to bring yourself to the level of readiness to win gold medals one after another. It’s no easy workout regime either.

Check out WorkOutInfoGuru to read the entire plan with extensive detail.

Michael Phelps Diet

Swimming can be pretty draining. Pushing your body through the water can be tough, and with Michael’s workout and zeal to beat the competition, his diet needs to be taken care of. You’ll be surprised how much this strapping hunk who’s fit like a greek god can guzzle down in just one meal. His calories? Phelps eats 12,000 calories per day! All the foods that you’re told to keep off of because you’re going to get fat, remember those? Phelps eats several portions of each of them. His fast body metabolism is only a small portion of his nutritional needs; Michael burns calories by the dozen!

michael phelps diet image
Credits: https://www.muscleprodigy.com/michael-phelps-workout-and-diet/

Have a look at Michael Phelps’s everyday diet on Muscle Prodigy

Also, if you’re wondering what Michael Phelps’s favorite cereal is, you’re welcome.

There’s obviously not a lot of wisdom in mimicking someone’s workout plan unless a qualified trainer tells you to. But it does get you an idea about the level of dedication you need to have to excel at fitness. If you think you’re doing everything necessary to be the best in health and fitness, take it from Michael Phelps’s routine that there’s a scope for more. Your body is different, and so are your fitness goals. But if there’s one thing that fitness junkies must always pay attention to, it is to keeping up the motivation to be the best their bodies and minds can be.

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