10 Interesting Morning Habits Of Well-Balanced People

What makes people successful? Is success genetic? Does it have to do with wealth, or meeting the right people at the right time? Or is it about living a brusque lifestyle, with risque choices? Turns out, whether or not these factors influence success, your morning routine has some pretty pervasive effects on your success.

So, I thought, let’s discuss some interesting and uncommon morning habits well-balanced people adopt. Of course, exercise figures. But you’re not attaining balance using just a treadmill. Read on to know what else you could be doing to live your ideal life.

1. Switching off the internet

The difference between you and your role models is that they don’t spend their mornings scrolling through facebook on the toilet seat.

Or even the daily news. Hardly a handful of people need to spend over 10 minutes clearing their bowels, yet most of us spend as much as half an hour locked in our bathrooms. And then we go back to bed, and scroll some more.

I know people who waste as many as 2 hours this way, and so their productivity comes down to below average even though they get up at 6! So do yourself a favor, and switch off the WiFi. You can scroll Facebook later.

2. Sharpening skills

sharpening skills

There’s a lot of time we invest in getting ourselves ready. Grooming isn’t something i recommend overlooking.

But there’s a lot of stuff that we do rather mindlessly, and those seconds can be used to learn something valuable, or even get on top of the news or trivia.

Brushing your teeth? Let your phone run you through the daily news, or learn a few new words for your vocabulary. Listen to a quick podcast as you bathe, brush or get ready.

Automate your morning rituals so you can pay more attention to the other activity you’re trying to multitask with.

3. Self Care rituals

self care rituals

Self care is by far the most overlooked part of the average joe’s life, but it is beyond essential, and accordingly, it is well attended to by well balanced people.

Your body can maintain itself with a healthy diet, timely and adequate grooming, and regular doctor’s checkups.

The mind is different, however. Your psyche is what makes you, you, and if left to fend for itself, it can become the cause of a lot of grief.

Spend time smiling, being with your self and in tune with yourself. Use a prayer or meditation technique if you’re into it, or just sit in the grass for a few minutes.

Your mind will be much more enthusiastic to get to work afterwards.

4. Taking care of family

taking care of family

Your family is essential to your balance. The people you come home to are just as important as the objectives you leave home each morning for.

Strive for filial harmony each morning. PAck a lunch for your wife, plan a birthday, make plans for brunch with the cousins.

It’s morning time and your mind is fresh and active, so it’ll probably take you half the time to do all those things. And when you feel burdened, remember K.I.S.S.

Keep it Simple, Silly!

5. Investing in self growth instead of shooting off to work

self growth

Each morning has two parts. The first part is when you’re fresh up from bed, with a mind calmer than a monastery.

Anything you do in this time segment is bound to yield a good productivity.

The other part is when you’re hustling to get to work, anticipating stress and sitting on the chair and waiting till the clock strikes 5.

Needless to say, you’ll fare poorly at this time. If you want to grow, you want to invest that earlier time bracket into growing yourself.

Freshen up, and then work for what you want to do for yourself. Write a chapter of the book you’ve been working on, read more on share trading; you get the hint.

6. Exercising


There’s no excuse for not exercising. Your body isn’t built to sit on a chair for 7 hours a day. It’s built to hunt and run and forage.

While that isn’t what we need to do anymore, you can simulate that environment for a brief bit by exercising.

Aerobic workouts are essential. Run, skip rope, do some tough yoga, or walk a few kilometers, if gyming isn’t your thing.

7. Affirmations


Tackling limiting beliefs ingrained into us socially is a major part of achieving success.

What beliefs limit you? Spend the first few moments of the day telling yourself the beliefs you’d rather inculcate.

You can find some pretty amazing ones on the internet, but the truly helpful ones are found out through self effort, in moments of contemplation.

8. Defining goals

Your high school teachers have been crying themselves hoarse telling you to maintain a vision board or a diary.

It is really efficient to plan your day ahead using a vision board or a diary. Set appointments, lunch and work time in neat slots, and follow what you plan.

Also, set a few segments in between to do nothing. Trust me, it’ll make you get a higher efficiency.

9. Realistic evaluations of plans and motivations

Once you’re done writing your goals, you need to revisit it. Is the stuff you’ve put down really important?

Is there something else you can do in this time you’re putting for this activity and achieve a bigger goal? Make sure your day includes activities with short term benefits as well as those with long term gains.

Additionally, it is prudent to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. You don’t want to end up burnt out.

Do things that motivates you, and remind yourself what it is that motivates you to invest your short time on earth for this stuff. It’s a great way to stay grounded as well.

10. Setting target at unproductivity to eliminate during the day


Despite all our best efforts, we can always find flaws in ourselves and our way of working. It’s only human.

But you can always make effort to rise above those imperfections.

Each day is an opportunity, and it is up to you to choose what you’re going to extricate from your character, belief system, way of working or behavior.

Imagine eliminating 365 bad things about yourself within a year!

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