Top 7 Hybrid Bike Reviews In 2020: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Hybrid bicycles are midway MTBs and Road bikes, and they bring the best of their features together. It can be tough to choose a bicycle to purchase, navigating the maze of features and opinions about them. With so many biases and beliefs behind every hybrid bicycle review in the market, it can surely get tiring

But does it have to be this way?

There’s no need to confuse yourself with so many conflicting opinions; here are unbiased top 7 best hybrid bike reviews available. I’m going to review what’s good about each bicycle and what’s not so good, which ones are suitable for those on a budget, as well as what to look for when buying your hybrid bicycle from any store, in person or online.

ProductNumber Of SpeedsItem WeightFrame Material TypeAppreance

DaimondBack Trace
(Top Recommendation)


33 Lbs


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Schwinn Network 3.0
(Budget Pick)


46 Lbs


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Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer S4023D


50.6 Lbs


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Northwoods Springdale


44.18 Lbs


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Diamondback Kalamar


43.8 Lbs


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Here Are The Best Hybrid Bike Reviews !!!

#1 Recommendation: Diamondback Trace – The Best Hybrid Bicycle Money Can Buy!

Diamondback Trace

Diamondback’s Trace is truly a marvel. The design is sleek, comfortable and no-nonsense. You’ll find the bike especially easy to use in steep terrain, which is a boon for people who enjoy mountain biking, exploring forest glades or even wastelands. The frame is aluminium which helpfully shaves off some weight from the bicycle. It is, however, not the lightest Hybrid bicycle you can find. We have more options for you in this hybrids bike reviews buying guide. So need to worry!!!

The bicycle comes unassembled, but the manual is better than most other bicycles we have seen. Diamondback also has its own YouTube channel replete with videos you can follow to fit things properly.


Diamondback Trace performs exceptionally well. The structural integrity of this hybrid bike is pretty impressive. With a changed seat, you can get a comfortable ride in all sorts of terrain, no matter how rocky it gets. The disk brakes don’t slip and bring you to a rest pretty much instantaneously.


The benefit Diamondback hybrid bikes come with is the company’s YouTube channel, loaded with maintenance guides, product information and troubleshooting tips. Most of the maintenance can be done right at home in your garage. As long as you assemble the bicycle properly, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. It might be a good idea to get it assembled at a bicycle shop though, to cross all ts.


The lavish use of metal in place of plastic makes this a pretty sustainable bike. It can last you longer than many cheaper models. Things get complicated in rough use, of course. But the aluminium frame, metal pedals and the welds are pretty solid, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Diamondback Trace is ideal to go mountain biking with. You can also use it to cruise effortlessly through traffic and have a short warm up on the way to the gym.

#2 Recommendation: Mongoose R3577 Full-Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose R3577

A full suspension is tailored for rough trails and smooth riding styles. It sports a long geometry for improved comfort during extended sessions. It’s also responsive for fluid motion. If you want to traverse hard trails, this full suspension mechanism offers better control, grip and comfort.

This Mongoose Girl Bike ignites your bravery in girlhood to uncover the off-road environment. Aluminum structure makes it a nimble and quick ride without raging out of control. Besides, the manufacturer includes a suspension frame and front suspension fork for a smooth and manageable ride. It’s designed for a wide range of terrain. With Shimano gearing and SRAM twist shifters make it a cushy job to tweak. And you won’t live on your nerves thanks to alloy linear pull brakes that provide surefooted stoppage thrust.

To sum up, the 24” Mongoose Maxim aluminum resonates with girls who ride. It incorporates a full suspension to make you float over the rugged terrain in comfort and optimum control.


  • Aluminum structure
  • Full suspension for a smooth and predictable ride
  • Shimano gearing and SRAM twist shifters
  • Alloy linear pull brakes
  • Suitable for many terrains


  • Not unisex

#3 Recommendation: 6KU Single-Speed Track Bike

6KU Track Fixed Bicycle epitomizes a consumer-centered product combining high quality, style and innovation. It comes in a low profile design that eschews the complications and defects attendant to complex designs. It’s a high quality option at a wallet-friendly price. For riders fussy about colors, this manufacturer offers ten shades to suit different personalities.

The core 6061 lightweight aluminum frame with smooth welding makes it a lithe and fast bike for anyone thirsty for speed. A matching 1 and 1/8” alloy fork maintains balance, control and stability. The Flip Flop Hub makes it a workhorse for freewheel or fixed gear riding. Riser bars replace drop bars for lightning-fast rides through the city. It’s a must-try for enthusiasts seeking a well-oiled machine for recreation, commuting and daily transportation. You can detach front and rear brakes easily for a quick fix.

For the most part, this 6KU Single-Speed Track Bike offers a solid, affordable alternative to expensive products. It provides a smooth and controllable ride.


  • Easy to transit between wheel to fixed riding
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Riser Bars for speed
  • Easy to remove brakes
  • Affordable


  • Suitable for smooth trails or surfaces

#4 Recommendation: Schwinn Network 3.0 – A Little Less Pricey

Schwinn Network 3.0

Schwinn Network 3.0 is perhaps the most stylish Hybrid Bikes. You instantly fall in love with the design. The spokes are a breath of fresh air, and the designers have somehow made black and white work in favor of a sports bicycle, which usually look stocky in those combinations.

The aluminium frame makes this bicycle light in weight, giving you better speeds at the same effort. The alloy rims impart strength and resilience to weather. The handle is ideal for upright riding, and the suspended seating absorbs shocks to a significant degree to make for a smooth riding experience. Bagging it’s place in hybrid bike reviews as the best of all but pricey.

General Performance :

The thing to take note is that Schwinn Network 3.0 is not a sports bike. This Hybrid bicycle is best suited for cruising and will tolerate only light stress, or high stress delivered for a short while. Subject to this, the bicycle performs pretty decently. The assembly is easy; just follow any generic manual and you should be able to do it in an hour in your living room. The spokes can be hard if you’re unfamiliar with the arrangement, so you might prefer to get those set at a bicycle shop. Post assembly, this hybrid bike can tolerate cruising speeds pretty effortlessly. It’s is not built for a difficult road, however. You might find riding problematic in such situations.

Maintenance And Durability :

Maintenance is relatively easy too. Tighten screws every once in a while, keeps the bicycle oiled properly and get it checked at a bicycle shop every few weeks, whenever you can. With a preventative attitude, you can make it last a pretty good time. The aluminium frame doesn’t take as many hits as a high end bike, of course. The spokes are another problematic part of it. You might also prefer to change the pedals, or get them attached at a shop. This hybrid has a lifetime warranty, so most of the time, you can get Schwinn to take care of any problems you might be facing.

#5 Recommendation : Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike S4023D – A Hybrid For All Budgets

Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike S4023D

The first thing that comes to notice with Schwinn Wayfarer is the Limited Lifetime warranty. While that definitely excites you, the color doesn’t receive many good reviews. The mint green is almost off whitish, and many who bought this actually prefered to get a paintjob. The design is not really the best Schwinn has to offer, but there is substantial support for tires. You could go for tubeless tires and make them resistant to puncturing as well. The design of the Hybrid bike isn’t great for a lot of stress. Schwinn Wayfarer makes a great cruise bike, but I wouldn’t trust it to carry me through rocky terrain, especially given the small frame.

Performance Trend:

Under little or moderate pressure, Schwinn Wayfarer performs adequately well. It is pretty handy to use when you want to cycle through the farmer’s market for some veggies or avoid the traffic by cycling to the gym. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re training for a cycling competition, or even for riding pillion. There is a pretty good performance you get on paved roads, even if the terrain is slightly unruly. I would definitely not recommend using it on sandy terrain like at a beach, given the thin tires that would push far too deep into the ground to be comfortable to push forward.


Maintenance is a very crucial factor and we were very picky about choosing the hybrid bicycles that are easy to maintain while posting this best hybrid bike reviews guide and the best part is Schwinn Bicycles are largely easy to maintain. It doesn’t take many hits when working under average stress. However, one needs to be careful in conditions on moderate or extreme stress, though it can hold. You can keep the ride smooth with tools you can borrow from your neighbor’s garage, and it doesn’t take much time either. I recommend getting it assembled the first time by a shop, however, since proper tightness and expert calibration is better left to the professionals. It might make this Hybrid’s experience significantly better.


How durable your hybrid bike turns out often turns out to be a function of what sort of use you put it to. The Schwinn Wayfarer is built to last several years under moderate stress, though it prefers light cruising for trouble free riding. Any higher stress, and you’ll probably need changing a fresh pair of tire tubes, and tightening a few screws. Under easy circumstances of operation, you can hope for a neat 8-10 years on this bicycle.

#6 Recommendation: Northwoods Springdale – Beginners’ Best Friend

Northwoods Springdale

This time we also took care of our aspiring beginners and hence included this bicycle in our list of hybrid bike reviews.Springdale definitely gets points for customer satisfaction.

The price isn’t too high, and the build quality is pretty decent. Northwoods Springdale is a Hybrid I’d recommend for beginners or those on a low budget.

If handling a heavy bike is a problem for you, you can certainly be happy that this bike is pretty light. The problem is that it can occasionally prove to be too light, like with the number of dents reported. So you definitely need to be careful with rough use.​

Performance Chart :

As far as performance goes, Northwoods Springdale should get you a pretty satisfactory performance. It is certainly not the best hybrid bike money can buy. The seat is too hard for a lot of people. But the lighter weight certainly helps in keeping speeds high. The performance keeps fairly constant with time, as long as you keep up with the intermittent maintenance.

Maintenance :

Northwoods Springdale is also easy to maintain. You can manage a lot of the maintenance with the average garage’s toolbox. Some might prefer to get it a paint job, though.

How Much Durable It Is ?

Durability might be an issue. Since the company made use of cheap metal to make it affordable, the bending is unavoidable. The frame is guaranteed for its usable life. The user’s bike is almost under guarantee for the first few weeks, and parts individually for a few months.

#7 Recommendation : Diamondback Kalamar – Strong And Lasts Long

Diamondback Kalamar

In this best hybrid bike reviews post we don’t have only the lightest or the fastest bicycles but we do have the toughest one. Here it is…

The Diamondback Kalamar is built to impress. The shock absorption makes it pretty good for mountainous terrain. The frame is a bit heavy, since it is made of steel. But it makes the Hybrid bike pretty sturdy and resistant to hits. The design is pretty neat. This is one of the few bikes we liked the seat of.​

The assembly is easy through the manual, though many prefer to go through YouTube to find an installation walkthrough. Diamondback’s own YouTube channel can be of much help. The steel frame can be a bit hard to handle because of the weight, especially if you’re puny like me and are used to aluminium ones. But rest assured that you’re getting value for your money.​

Performance And Durability:

The hybrid bicycle itself is built to last rough use. Some parts, however, have been compromised on to lower the price. This includes the pedals and some attachments. So they won’t last you more than a few weeks, and it makes sense to change them right away when it arrives. The bike’s frame’s durability is ensured by the steel used to make it. Performance wise, the Kalamar performs pretty nicely in all sorts of conditions. You can cruise the markets with it, as well as take on the rockscapes, dusty off-road tracks and glades. The shockers not only keep you safe, but also your hybrid bike comfortable handling jerks and compressions. The wheel is somewhat prone to misalignment, so make sure you tighten it before taking on heavy terrain.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look Out For When Making Your Purchase

You can be sure that the salesman will be more than enthusiastic to get you to buy according to his whims. And be it any store, it will likely be a more expensive hybrid bicycle with fancy sounding features you aren’t even sure you need. Since it might not be in your best interests, here are some things you can try to keep yourself away from a bad deal and while going through this hybrid bike reviews post

  • If you have a budget, declare it to your salesperson. Make it clear that it is non-negotiable.
  • The Hybrid you buy is going to be with you for a long time.
  • A Bicycle which is easy to maintain, durable and has good customer support should therefore rank highly in your evaluation. Even we were also very picky on choosing the best bicycles for this hybrid bike reviews post.
  • Nothing beats trying out a bicycle in use before buying a new one. There are several cycling clubs all over the nation, and many do not require you to bring a hybrid to a meeting. Make friends, try out different hybrids you find, and ask the owners what they like and what they don’t. It should get you a good idea about customer support in your locality, ways to make your’s last longer and more.
  • A biking enthusiast will also be able to help you cut to the chase with the salesperson. Get to know what you need in a bike, and what is mere frill you can get later for cheap.
  • Before embarking to find a good hybrid bicycle for yourself, decide what you want to do with the bike. If you want to ride to the market or cut through traffic, or if you want to scale a rocky mountain, you’re going to need a specific set of features for each situation, and the rest can be compromised upon. Find out what you need, and then check them for each one you like. It should make things a lot easier.

Choosing The Best Hybrid Bike : “Separating Wheat From Chaff”

Picking one amazing hybrid bicycle out of the horde of options the market has was impossible. There are good things about almost every Bicycle, and several models have unique features that are pretty essential to a good biking experience. So we picked certain features that mattered to us most, and used them to pick not one, but best 5 in this best hybrid bike reviews article. Which factors? Here is a list, in no order of importance assigned:

  • Durability – You don’t want to run around buying a new one each year.
  • Maintenance – A healthy bicycle needs little repair, and needs it less often.
  • Price – There’s no such thing as a best price. But it certainly qualifies bicycles to different budgets.
  • Performance – The most vital criteria; why buy a hybrid bike that is only mediocre?

Each of these five hybrid bicycles we have picked has the potential to be the best fit for you, as well as aspects you might not enjoy in certain kinds of utility and circumstance. We mention those aspects too, so you can have a neutral and wholesome evaluation at your fingertips for when you want to choose a hybrid bike for yourself.

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