A Handbook On How To Use a Rowing Machine and Get Ripped The Right Way

If you are a sucker for a stout, sinewy body, you need to stop dragging your feet through your schedule, and attempt something really tough. And, what could be better than a rowing machine for a session of vigorous exercise?

A rowing machine works exactly on the principle of how a boat rows in the water, and just like you’ve imagined, provides for an intense, actionable workout.

However, before any workout is initiated, it is essential to know how a rowing machine operates. Because, much before the action, comes  the approach, which should be right for concrete results. So, for all you novices out there, we have provided an end-to-end description of how a rowing machine is used, and what care should be taken, so that your efforts don’t go in vain.

That’s How You Can Start It Right


Fasten The Foot Straps To Your Comfort Level:

To start with, you will have to ensure that your feet should be positioned ideally for good strokes, not too high, off course. Also, wise up to leg positions, which must not cause any unease for perfect strokes.

Customize the Damper Settings:

You have damper settings, at the right side of the device, so as to control the air flow in the flywheel, and do your best thing at a rowing machine. When tuned to 10, it gives the feels of rowing a heavy boat, which in turn, demands heavy peddling. And, the situation is a total ‘flip’ when the settings are clocked at 0 – much lighter and less commanding. For those who lack experience, it’s recommended that the damper settings should be somewhere between four to six.  

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Get the Hang of the Monitor:

The square-shaped monitor provides quick feedback during the course of your workout, and is also used as a basis for the users to gauge their threshold levels. For beginners, we strongly recommend to go slow, and adopt just the essentials.

That’s How You Can Finish It Great

Now that you’ve adapted yourself with the rowing machine, and cracked your comfort settings, it’s time for stirring up your muscles with these movements. Let’s know them, one by one.

1 : Straighten your legs and maintain your body in an erect position, with the elbows bent so that handle can be pulled maximum to the chest. Hold the same position, and extend your arms, in a way that they reach your feet, and then return to the original position. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed throughout the session.

2 : Now, activate your back. The next step is extend your arms, having a little contact with the hips. Without giving any pressure to your spine, lean on the hips so that the body becomes totally upright, and pull your arms to get the handle close to your chest.

3 : The turn is of your legs. After you have given a good extension to your arms, which are on the hips, the next step you are to take is to bend the knees a little, so that the seat rolls to the direction of the flywheel, with the arms extended to the feet, but, at the same time, the handle must be firmly grasped.  Secondly, push the legs by leaning  backward and, eventually, pull the arms towards the chest.

4 : Now, bend the knees in such a way, that your shines may be at a 90 degree angle on the ground, with the heels a bit lifted up.  

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