How to safely gain weight without supplements?

So you want to move up the weight scale, but cannot? There are plenty of things that go into weight and weight changes, and it can certainly be tough to keep track of all of them.

So here is a concise list of important aspects to attain your desired weight.

I stave off chemical means and steroids, because a lot of them can be terribly unhealthy to consume, and hence are unethical to advise.

Eat an energy surplus

energy surplus

Maintaining an energy surplus is what makes you gain weight. There are no better ways to gaining weight than eating more than you burn.

In fact, it is at the heart of all solutions you can take. However, it doesn’t mean you guzzle every dessert in sight and then go foraging for cans of soda.

Your food also needs to be rich in other macro and micronutrients to preserve the health of the rest of your body.

This means you stay on schedule with your diet, eat protein to help repair muscle you wear out during workout, and keep vitamins and minerals in order, along with eating healthy amounts of insoluble fiber to help your gut stay on track.

Modify your workout

workout changes

If you’ve been working out and exercising for a while, and find yourself needing to move up the ladder in terms of weight, you need to take a second look at your workout regime too.

It is not enough to simply be doing the same reps of jumping jacks and squats.

A qualified trainer should be able to help you out with the kind of workout you can do.

Some people give up working out altogether, and the result often is them overshooting the weight targets, and proving how tough it can be to get yourself back to gym, many stay that way. So make aware choices.

Also, proper workout is what ensures your body grows in an appealing and aesthetically pleasing proportion, and doesn’t just store the food’s nutrition at random places as fat.


 take enough sleep

The one thing most often neglected by people who work out is their sleep.

When you invest yourself in the fitness lifestyle, doing your workouts religiously day after day, your body takes a good deal of stress.

And stress is healthy in the short run, but prolonged stress can seriously upset your systems. Your body requires rest to repair all the tissue you lost in working out.

It flushes out toxins in this while, which are produced in quite an amount when you eat more than you need to get by.

This is the time when you build muscle, and so sleep is vital for when you want to bulk up, unless you’re ok with that bulking up being just belly fat you have to burn through.

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