Top 10 Free Fitness Apps for iPhone in 2019

To be fit is something we all would love to do. And whether it means going to the gym or just taking a jog every morning, or even just eating right, there are so many ways we envision our goals. But for most of us, we eventually end up abandoning the game because we’re tired that morning, or because it’s raining and it’s too much to ask to go jog 2 miles in that weather, or because we’re running late and skipping the bowl of oats and substituting it with a McDonald’s was essential.

Top 10 free fitness apps for iPhone in 2016Top 10 free fitness apps for iPhone in 2016

Fortunately, it is easier to take care of your health, now that there are apps you can get for your iPhone. 2016 could be the year you take your body to the pinnacle of health that you have chased for so long. Here are 10 free apps that can help you get fit.

  1. Charity Miles

    There are ways you can empower yourself to live healthier and happier. But for a lot of us, knowing we’re making a bigger impact with our health regimes can be quite motivating. Charity Miles is based on that concept. For every mile you run, walk or bike, corporate sponsors donate some amount to the charity of your choice. The corporate is made known to the users, and the amount they have served to bring to the organisation is visible on the screen as well. Choose a charity focusing on women, children, the homeless, people with HIV, ALS research or other causes. You can choose different charities to support on your daily jog.
  2. Nike+ Training Club

    For a lot of us, paying for a gym membership and gear can be quite a heavy investment, and when you’re doubtful if you’re going to last 10 days, those bucks can really call out to you. Thankfully, with Nike+ Training Club app, there is no pressure. You can choose from hundreds of workout routines, based on fitness levels ranging from beginners to professional athletes. Let the app adjust to your training needs. It will even keep a record of your other activities like a session of Basketball you enjoyed with friends and factor that into your plan. Share your post-workout status and pics with your social networks, and get the likes pouring in. The app is one of the rare ones which supports Yoga.
  3. Fitbit

    Keeping score of your fitness feats can be quite the motivator. Fitbit helps you keep your scores. The device works best with a premium membership and a Fitbit device, but even without either of the two, you can use your device to log your weight, count calories and do tons of other stuff.
  4. FitStar Personal Trainer

    With FitStar, you can do exercises without costly equipment. The app offers a workout routine based on your need, and you can adjust it into your day, or do it in on ego as per your convenience. Premium subscription offers you more options than the free “Basic” module. At the very least, FitStar is a must if you want to gauge your fitness level with its easy, no-equipment test. With some easy reps of Jumping Jacks, Squats and Planking, there is no easier test to measure your fitness.
  5. Jefit Workout

    For those of you who go to the gym but forget the number of reps you’ve done for a machine, you can end up working out less and not getting the desired results, or injuring yourself with too much of the same exercise. Jefit Workout is like a workout secretary. It’ll keep a log of your reps and sets, how much weight you’ve worked with, and even help you plan workout days.
  6. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

    This is by far my favorite of the lot. If all you’ve got is a chair and an iPhone, how do you work out? Well, download this app and let it coach you through an exercise routine that will fit in anywhere in your day. Everybody has a chair lying around, and if you can excuse 2 minutes to warm up and cool down, this regime is quite the rocker for a net 10 minute time consumption. Go ahead and download it. It only takes 7 minutes to get addicted to this app!
  7. Lose It!

    If you’re just getting out of a somewhat sedentary lifestyle and want to eat healthier, Lose It! can be an asset to you. The app lets you keep track of the number of calories you’ve consumed, assuming you eat an average sized portion of name-brand food items available in America. The app is not a loner either. It will carry forward the information it logs to other apps you might want to share it with, such as FitBit, Runkeeper or MapMyFitness.
  8. Map My Fitness

    For those of you who love to share workout details, MapMyFitness is the perfect app. Walk through the city or take a trek or a jog, and MapMyFitness will store that information for you to share with jealous friends and family. The app has support for over 600 activities you can do, although many might need a paid account to access.
  9. MyFitnessPal

    MYFitnessPal is an app that makes good health a more measurable deal than any other app around. You ate a donut at work, and now you’re wondering how many miles you need to walk to burn all those calories. MyFitnessPal can help inform you how many calories the donut approximately was. You can use it to lose weight gradually, maintian it and also raise it, as per your bodily requirement. The app will also inform you in terms of FitBit steps how much you need to walk. I mean which other app can do that?
  10. Pact

    Pact is sort of like a casino, but you gamble for your health. A communal pot has you put some money into it and then lets you set your fitness goals. You need to then go to the gym or workout venue each day and exercise to the amount you promised. Earn cash every time you reach your goals, and lost the bet if you don’t.

What makes each of these apps great is that they’re free. Some of them might have in-app purchases, but they’re among the most affordable workout apps. No more money shall be wasted on unused gym memberships and personal trainer fees. With these fitness apps for your iPhone, 2016 is bound to be the year where you get healthier than you’ve ever been.

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