Fitness Secrets: The search for the magic pill is over!

A lot of us are dedicated to getting fit. Staying in shape is a religion to most of us. But what makes the difference between a chiseled physique and an averagely toned body? Surely, there has to be secrets?

fitness secrets

For better or for worse, the solution is not hidden in a magic pill, a weird diet ingredient or a workout regime. In fact, you could even say there is nothing secret about it at all. Confused? Let us tell you what we mean. Let me start listing the secrets.


  • Don’t go for fancy equipment.

    Much unlike the marketing email you received from the gym your office organised a fitness course with, you don’t need to buy as much as a squeeze ball to get fit, though the squeeze balls make for great fun. Most equipment I’ve bought have not even been used ten times. And though the sales pitch made me believe I really needed to buy this $450 machine (what if it’s raining like crazy? What if there is a massive traffic jam? What if the gym gets shut down and I cannot find one in time?), I would have better served my fitness by jogging to every fountain in the city and dumping $450 worth on pennies in them one at a time. If you have managed going to the gym for 3-6 months, chances are you’ll be able to continue it, come traffic or hellfire.
  • Instant workouts don’t work.

    There are several apps and videos being sold as easy workouts for those who can only give 30 minutes or less. It is a noble ideal. And certainly, these exercises can help you get a basic level on fitness going. But if you cannot even cook a proper spaghetti meal in half an hour, how will your body tone up with 30 minutes on exercise? These apps are great if you want to be able to run when you’re being chased by your ex. But to be fit, and to look shredded, you cannot avoid putting in effort. You will need to put in work to get explosive strength, endurance and isotonic ability. And it certainly won’t come from a 10 minute regime with 8 exercises thrown in randomly.
  • Eating is key

    It is dangerous to not eat enough carbs when you’re doing strength routines. Pretty much every routine requires you to have energy in your body, or you won’t be able to do the exercise. People make the mistake on assuming their body will shape better if they call quits of carbs. That’s not how it works! Your fitness coach can help you figure out a healthy amount on carbs to eat. If you really want to lose weight and are therefore eating less calories, inform your coach so they can modify your regime accordingly. Not having enough energy can cause you to injure yourself, get burnt out or have even worse effects. This secret key can be used with your trainer’s guidance.
  • Your daily routine is the way to victory

    The fourth and final key is something that is revealed to everyone when they begin working out. Your body will get tired after the workout, and you will begin to sleep much more soundly. You need to sleep a lot! This is especially helpful for those who want to lose weight by cutting their diet. Sleep can help you keep hunger pangs away. It is a pretty old trick I got from my religious nana. Eating more frequently in the day is also another change you need to cultivate. The body is actually more suited for constant intake on little amounts of food, compared to a huge meal thrice a day. You can consume less food for the same feeling of fullness and score a lot better of health parameters this way.

The key is not to look for keys online, but to persevere with your training and follow what your trainer says, though you are allowed some skepticism occasionally. Have fun getting in shape, and staying in shape!

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