Mountain Bike vs Road Bike : What’s your choice for biking ?

Biking is a pretty complex sport. It’s not just about riding on roads; there’s all types of terrain, speeds and riding styles and capabilities that make for some pretty major distinctions between two bikers. Whether you do mountain biking or road biking, you bike for entertainment, sport or as a professional, it is absolutely essential that you use the correct equipment. There’s no dearth of equipment out there, and all sorts of features on offer come in all sorts of

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Pedometer in Happy Meal, McDonald’s Toy of the Month

In the next one month or so, children who order a happy meal in Mcdonald’s will find something new and exciting in their boxes. McDonald outlets in Canada and US are providing children with a wearable tracking wristband band as a toy of the month. WOW!!!  The Pedometers “Step it” wristbands are a part of their promotional campaign for the next four weeks. This great idea is supposedly aimed at the perfect combo children summer holiday and Rio Olympics 2016. The

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Latest Buzz from Rio 2016 Olympics – What’s happening

The Olympics are a time for headlines. Lucky for you, you don’t need to bury your head in newspapers. We have for you the four most interesting headlines from Monday that you must read. Tell us if there are any more you find noteworthy. Doping battles rage over the Olympic pools Plenty of drug abuse allegations have flown in Olympics history. This current one between swimmers Lilly King from USA and Russia’s Yulia Efimova, however, is quite the conflict. Lilly

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