7 Best Exercises To Reduce Total Body Fat and Get Slim at Home

When you’re trying to fit in your old prom dress or tux, the biggest hurdle can be all the desserts you’ve eaten since. The good news is that all those desserts can be parted with, slowly but surely. The bad news is that most people who attempt to get slim eventually give up when they don’t see results, thanks to their improper planning or execution.

But no need to worry. I’m going to inform you about some great exercises you can use to lose the inches. But before you take these up of their own merit, please be advised against it. These are suggestions to offer your trainer. Exercising just one body part doesn’t make your body look good. You need a comprehensive plan on fitness. These exercises are just better than a lot others at getting fat out of your body and slimming your body

Resistance Ropes

resistance ropes

For all the tension you’re giving your brain thinking about a good way to burn that subcutaneous fat, get yourself some Resistance Ropes. You can find them for cheap on the internet, and it eliminates the need to go to the gym for some simple stretch exercises. Every morning your brain tells you you’re too tired to drive to the gym, you can still exercise in your living room, while watching some Netflix maybe!



Belly Fat is tough to lose for quite a few people. Crunches are pretty amazing to get some blood circulating in this region, and take out some inches in time. Crunches are sworn by as an excellent ab workout. But don’t expect abs the second you finish three sets. To get a washboard, you need to tone your abdomen, but also burn through your subcutaneous and muscle fat to reveal it to the world. Crunches are a good place to start.



Cycling can be your hobby. Just take your smartphone along and click a few selfies, or capture the scenery. Maybe pen your thoughts if that’s what interests you. The point is that cycling need not be a drab routine you plough through for intangible goals. Cycling gets your heartbeat up, but also keeps you entertained with the ever changing world outside the closed doors of the gym.

Twist Crunches

twist crunches

Do your normal crunches bore you out? Twist crunches can help you engage more muscles and thus burn more calories, and also add the variety you’re craving in your workout.

Rolling Plank

rolling plank

Planking is among the toughest isotonic exercises in many peoples’ posses. But if you’re looking to step it up a notch (and of course burn a few extra calories in the process), put a cylinder under your feet. You need to balance your weight while holding your body still. This added difficulty must be attempted only after you have a decent mastery over normal planking, and only if and as advised by your qualified trainer.



If you’re not really a gym kind of guy, you can get slim with just a bit of running too. Ok, make that a lot of running! The extra flab often becomes an impediment to easy running, which is suggested to drive your body to get rid of the stored flab faster. This of course happens over a long time, and it’ll take you a lot of strength to get through your laziness to get up each morning and run. But I can assure you; the effort you spend in getting fit is worth it!

Weight Training

And of course if you’re more comfortable taking a more traditional approach to fitness and slimming, weight training could do it for you. Ask help from your gym instructor, and make your body burn through your fat reserves. Weight training is believed to be especially helpful for losing muscle fat, which can help you look toned and sculpted.

The thing to remember when taking up an exercise regimen, whatever it may be, is to keep yourself comfortable in it. If you are sore all over, it is OK to skip a day or two every week and recuperate. Push through your upper limits, slowly and gradually, but also make sure you don’t get hurt in the process.

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