How to Work Out every minute of your life – Daily Fitness Tips

There’s always some or the other new fad on the internet that tells you how you can get toned abs, sculpted calves or a healthy heart with its combination of the same few exercises trainers teach you at the gym. You try them, but rarely does one of them produce results before you give up because you got bored/tired/frustrated. Fortunately, you don’t need to be exhausted out of your wits at the gym to stay fit. Health is much easier to accomplish than what your crossfit fanatic would have you believe.

How to Work Out every minute of your life - Daily Fitness Tips

There are tens of things that you can find to do in your day to day life which can help you stay in shape and even tone up a little. Provided you’re not too scared to do a little exercise as you go along your day, good health isn’t that difficult to achieve.

Now this in no way means your gym membership is useless. Nothing beats a qualified instructor paying attention to your body’s build, your diet, exercise plan and motivation. But if you’re like me and have let months upon months of gym memberships go unused because your 5 minutes of extra morning sleep turn into an hour, this is a much more attainable goal.

Presenting, the ten step plan to get yourself fitter without going close to a treadmill. It’s fun to follow, plus it won’t cost you as much as a full fledged gym card you’re never going to use.



  • Eat right

    Eating right is the single most important thing to pay attention to. If you don’t have too many useless calories, you’re not going to be spending too much time burning them. Skip the potato chips and try a veggie smoothie instead. It is important to have a balanced meal throughout the day. Not all of us get the luxury of a good snack bar at the office. But it’s really easy to have a packet of blackberries delivered to your office and eat them when you’re bored instead of a packet of Doritos. Read up some Alkaline water recipes and try them out. There’s tons of great healthy stuff you can eat in your meals and as snacks instead of a bowl of cereal or the hamburger from the diner.
  • Drink water

    Water is by far the most important thing we need for our bodies. Drinking less water can not only cause you dehydration, but less water in the body is known to lead to a slower mind, general lethargy and reduced performance at work. Keeping yourself hydrated, on the other hand, can get your metabolism running smoothly, which keeps your body healthy and clean, while also aiding in burning calories when you’re actually working out.
  • Take the stairs

    We’re all guilty of this, so let’s just say it. Taking the stairs seems like such a task. You can hardly find people in the stairwell these days, and it’s silly. Unless you’re likely to break into a heavy sweat by climbing a few flights (and some people do, and that’s ok), there’s really no need to wait for the elevator. Climbing stairs repeatedly can actually even tone your thighs and build stamina. But the least you can do is skip the electric transportation whenever you can. Every little bit counts; walking up to the accounts department to take the fax, carrying the printout of the report to your colleague yourself instead of having the intern do it…
  • Skip the cab to work twice a week

    Studies show that brisk walking as little as 30 minutes a day can boost your health and burn as many as 150 calories. Walk quicker and for longer and you might just kick off a few pounds in time. Skipping the cab could help you do just that. Get an early start on two days and walk to the office. You can do this leisurely too; the city has something new everyday to charm you with. Whip out your phone and click a few pics for Instagram, maybe. You’ll be burning calories and getting likes on Facebook. Plus, you can even make this into a workout where you don’t stop moving your feet till you reach office. Take care around traffic signals though…
  • Get some action

    Sex is one fun way of getting healthy. People who have sex at regular intervals were found to be less affected by certain mental illnesses, and reported a higher body image than those who had occasional carnal encounters. Sex can burn you a lot of calories the fun way. Getting the blood pumping with all those feel-good hormones can help you improve your health significantly. There is even some research which says the bacteria you get in contact with when you kiss keeps the immune system engaged and prepared. Plus, less colds!
  • Visit a spa once a week

    A lot of you are going to enjoy this one. Yes, spending some time in a humid environment can get you sweating like a workout. This can really help your skin and flush out plenty of toxins for little effort. Various health benefits of spa visits are cited by countless professionals. Couple a spa with a massage. This is ideal when you want to pamper yourself. If spa isn’t for you, you can just heat a lukewarm bath to sit in, add a few bath salts and maybe even light a candle or incense to relax.
  • Get a dog (if you can take care of one)

    Getting a dog is a big responsibility, but dogs are the tried and tested way of keeping yourself on schedule. If you’re one of those people who find it impossible to get up in the morning and go for their morning jogs or yoga sessions, a dog might be the cutest alarm system you can get that you just cannot put on snooze. Studies suggest animal companions can boost your physical as well as mental health. People who work in offices are advised not to get a dog though, since it needs companionship and care as well. But if you’re a stay at home mom, a freelance writer or someone otherwise employed while being home, getting a dog can get you plenty of exercise and also keep the blues away.
  • Dance (without alcohol)

    When i say dance, you probably picture a nightclub where you go dressed to the Ts and shake your booty after a drink or two, click a few pictures and then come home to wake up with a hangover the next morning. That sort of dancing might get you some exercise but it can have its ill effects. Instead, get a dock system, put on music you like to dance to and go for it. Sway, twerk or waltz. There are tens of muscles you exercise with each dance move, and by the time you’re breaking a sweat, you’ve probably upped your heartbeat, flushed some toxins and burnt quite a few calories. Dancing can get you quite a lot of endorphins, which can elevate mood and make you feel happier. Dancing can work on a lot of your muscles, and dancing at a comfortable pace can be the best way to lose weight. Bone health, cognition and much more are all helped
  • Skip the coffee and lay carbs

    I stopped drinking coffee two years ago, and the health benefits have been amazing. I don’t stay up when i need a good night’s rest, and I have generally a better mood. Your everyday latte can get you a lot of empty calories. A healthy dose of coffee can have health benefits, but you don’t need a large cup twice a day. Skip the donuts at work and get healthy snacks like carrots to munch on. If you cannot burn your carbs, they’re better to skip. Read more from this website to know more about caffeine addiction, how it is bad and what happens if you quit coffee.
  • Don’t sit still for too long

    Among the most harmful habits we adopt in our lifestyles is sitting on chairs for too long. While it might be necessary when you have deadlines approaching, it is essential to get up every few hours and walk around to keep your spine healthy. When you’re killing time waiting for an email, bored out of your wits, it is easy to walk around a little. It might not be a ton of exercise, but it is a welcome help to your spine’s health. It can do your eyes a lot of good to look away from your computer screen. Stretching your arms and feet and moving about can help you get out of the rut and give a small boost to productivity in the long term as well.



The trick with all of these is not to overdo things, and not take too many cheat days either. There are a lot of ways you can take care of your health. Want to add to the suggestions? Write us a comment below!

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