Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine Review – The Best Indoor Rower

A lot of talk is rife on the concept 2 Model D rowing machine. Many boating athletes, including gym enthusiasts and experts have gone as far as referring to it as the best home/ indoor rowing machine for working the back, shoulder, arms, legs and neck. In any case, it has impressive features such as: an air resistance system, smooth flywheel, adjustable spiral damper, quality make, performance monitor and over 1 year warranty, to mention but a few.

But is it really the best indoor exercise machine or not? Do the features of the Machine measure up when pitted against other Concept rowing machines? Furthermore, how do you identify a quality Concept 2 machine that will give you value for your money? Below, you’ll find all the info you need to have at your fingertips, regarding the Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine Review – The Best Indoor Rower

Features Of The Concept 2 D Model Rowing Machine

1. Weight

When it comes to weight, the concept Model D indoor Machine is light (57 lbs). This is lighter than the Water Rower Natural Rowing machine that weighs in at 117 lbs. Only the Stamina Air Rower is lighter (57 lbs). This means less pressure on the floor, thus decreased chance of floor damage.

Secondly, concept 2 rowing Machine can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. This is compared to the Stamina Avari Magnetic rowers 275 lbs, Sunny health and Fitness rowing machine 250 lbs and stamina air Rower 250lbs. Only the Water Rower Natural rowing machine 771 lbs supersede the Concept D Model Machine.

2. Assembling And Separating The Concept 2 Rowing Machine

With 8 bolts, washers and a wrench at the disposal of the user, the installation or set up of the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine can be done in 10-15 minutes or less. This makes it hands on and customer friendly. As far as separating the machine, the Model can be separated or folded into two halves thus consume less home interior space. The concept 2 rowing machine is thus better than the Dynamic Model which must be stored in its full state.

3. Performance Monitor 5 To Monitor Your Workout Performance

Within the PM5 monitor of a concept 2 Model D is a pulse meter that provides a comprehensive view of your body workout from; calories burned, heart rate, distance covered and strokes per minute. You therefore need not worry of how to set up the monitor. All you have to do is to step onto the machine, start rowing and the machine will do the rest for you.

4. Battery Life

The Concept Model D indoor rowing machine allows users to not only use their row power to attain fitness, but to extend the battery life of the machine. This provides a good personal work out for both you and the machine.

5. Data Recording

If you have used the Concept 2 Model D before, you should know that it is Log card and USB enabled. With this priced assets, you can store all your workout data and preferences. This feature is excellent if you consider the fact that it can store data for five concept 2 Model Machine users.

6. Damper Adjustment Settings

Higher or lower damper settings can have different effects on your overall work out experience. For instance, for intense work out experience many professional rowers use the high settings. This setting makes one feel like they are rowing a ship. Low damper settings are usually for an ordinary boat row experience.

Shortcomings Of The Concept D Model Machine

Uncomfortable Seat

Though commended for its smooth and quality construction, the Concept 2 Rowing machine seat is seen by some to be a bit uncomfortable especially when used for longer than usual workouts. The good thing is that with a warranty at hand, this seat problem can easily be resolved.

Secondly, when compared to the Concept 2 model E Rowing Machine, the D Model seat is closer to the ground than the E model. This might not seem like much of a problem to users, but it could pose a potential problem to athletes/ rowers with severe hip problems as they will probably have to adjust their body lower than usual in order to use the Concept Model D Machine.

Concept 2 Model D VS Its Main Competitor

One of the biggest competitors of the Concept 2 Model D machine is the Concept 2 model E rowing machine. So how does it fare on against its biggest competitor?

Seat Height

First off, when pitted against each other, the two rower models (Concept D and E) appear similar as they both resemble feature wise namely: Ergonomic handles, flywheels, adjustable foot press and what have you. The major difference comes in when you compare the height of the two models.

Concept D model tends to have a lower seat height (36cm) than the concept E rower machine (51cm); these differences make the E model a preferable option for knee injury patients. This however doesn’t throw off course the merits of the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine as it is still the ideal machine for patients with knee arthritis.


Despite both model D and E being a bit expensive (over 850 dollars) the Model D price of $900 seems more affordable that the E model which costs an extra 200 dollars. It also appears to be a better long term option for stress free workout when compared to the frequent gym membership registration that rarely gets fully utilized.

Fly Wheel Sound

From offering intense resistance to full body workout, the Concept 2 model offers a lot to be desired. But one factor that always gets professional rowers and users split is the fly wheel. Because of its customized flywheel, the Concept 2 model D usually generates less noise than the WaterRower Natural Machine. This may seem as an attribute to an indoor workout machine, but to some clients it isn’t. Some customers prefer the WaterRower natural machine as their ultimate rowing machine simply because of its ability to offers better and much real feel and sound of the actual rowing experience.

Buying Guide For A Good Rowing Machine

After looking at the attributes, review and cons of the Concept 2 Model D rowing machines, it is only fair air out some of the factors to consider when selecting your preferred rowing machine: They include:

Safety: no matter how good or popular a rowing machine is it is always good to ensure that it has quality safety features. This will cushion you from potential accidents or aggravating your personal injuries. Most of the rowing machines these days are ergonomically designed to offer both comfort and safety from workout related injuries.

Construction Quality: when it comes to buying best rowing machines, price does simply cut it; Construction quality does. With a good make and proper maintenance, a good rowing machine should be able to last you for more than 7 years. Thus, as you plan to buy your rowing machine, ensure that it is of the best make.

Know your Rowing machine Manufacturer: with the different makes of rowing machines in the Market, it would be wise to take a step and delve a little dipper into knowing the manufacturers of your desired rowing machine. This will help in your decision making as not all manufacturers are the same. Each has his own experience and rowing machine design For instance, A Manufacturing Company like Concept 2 has been able to instil trust and confidence in its clientele simply because of constantly producing high quality rowing machines for more than 40 years.

Customer Service: besides the aforementioned, purchasing a rowing machine can literally go down to customer service. Through calling your rowing machine manufacturer, you can be able to get a bit of information to inform your purchasing decision. Most Good customer service agents will direct you to their offices so that you can test the product. Furthermore, from looking at their web pages and social media sites you will be able to know how they handle their customers.

Warranty: Just like any other original equipment, a rowing machine should have a warranty period. Others rowing machine manufacturing offer spare part warranty or money back guarantee in case the rowing machine develops problems.

Beside the above pointers, you can also know which rowing machine you need by answering some of the below questions.

  • How much am I willing to spend on a rowing machine?
  • Is the machine for me only or for my entire family?
  • How mobile and storable is the rowing Machine?
  • Is it programmable, basic or both?
  • What are its noise levels when in operation?
  • How much weight can the rowing machine comfortably support

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine Review
Performance Monitor
Battery Life
Data Recording
Cost Effective


With so many indoor rowing machine brand, models and prices to choose from research is crucial. The concept 2 Rowing Machine D Model can thus be your ideal home and gym machine if you value sturdiness, customized programming and closer monitor workout. There are also a number of on and offline product reviews and product testing that you can engage in to enhance your knowledge on quality rowing machines. All factors considered it is better to pick a concept machine that is sure tailored for you than be a victim of market buzz.

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