7 Common Gym mistakes that are ruining your workout

There are tons of gyms around you, which offer tens of exercise routines based on the trainers’ own expertise, specializations and also your body type and motivation. But as it turns out, bodybuilding isn’t so uniform in results. There is a scientifically obtained methodology that will give results, but it still doesn’t include the biggest factor in achieving your fitness goals; you!

7 Common Gym mistakes that are ruining your workout

When you go to a gym, you’re going there with your own set of ideals, routines, body goals, diet plans, exercise/diet preferences or restrictions and tens on other nuances. Each of these can influence how well the results show after say two months of exercise. But more importantly, each of these can compound into becoming a giant mistake in your gym routine, which you definitely need to take precaution against. Here are the seven most common gym mistakes that prevent people from making progress in their fitness levels.

  • Lack of planning/sticking to a plan

    There is definitely a dearth of people on spending time planning their exercise routine, and there are even fewer who actually stick to that plan. Most people I see getting frustrated with slow progress are ones who are all over the place every day. They’ll do a couple on squats first, then go over and do bench presses, then try some running and then finish with cardio. And then the next day, they’ll skip squats and running, and they’ll only do crunches because they want abs. And the next day, they’ll have completely different exercises planned after doing bits on internet reading. Ok, first of all, crunches don’t get you abs. And second, your body isn’t a collage of photos. You need to have a plan of where you’re heading with your exercise routines. Before you get abs, you need to lose fat. Before that, you need to get your body into the groove of working out. Plan! And then stick to it!
  • Lack of patience

    If I had a penny every time I met someone who quit the gym after a week because it was too hard and no muscles showed up, I could get a private island in the Atlantic. Your exercises are not spinach, just like you’re not Popeye. Your body just cannot whip up bulky muscles out on thin air, because you ran a little of the treadmill. You need to work out, eat well, and then work out some more. For any average gym goer, the results only start showing when they’re 2 months into the regime, working out consistently. The reason most people are average in fitness is that they cannot persevere through the initial 2 weeks when your body thinks the world is ending and aches like there is no tomorrow. Get through that phase, and your body will start getting sexier week after week.
  • Not eating enough

    I don’t get why people think watching what you eat means rounding up all carbs in the fridge and setting them of fire. When you work out, you need a lot of energy to get through the day. Given that your metabolism speeds up as a result of exercising, you’re going to be feeling hungry a lot. It is totally foolish of people to half their meals. Yes, big meals thrice a day is a bad diet plan if studies are to be believed. But the substitute is eating smaller meals 5-6 times a day, not just getting frugal. Also, your body will need a lot of protein to repair your tissues, build muscle mass and keep you in shape. We review the best meal replacement protein shakes.  Skimping of macronutrients is not going to help you build fitness. Keep track that you eat less calories than you burn in the gym, but the system also requires you to feed it to get fit.
  • Overworking
    Your body requires muscles to be worked with to get them toned and fit. But if you work them too much, they’ll crash. Pushing your limits is a healthy way to work out and build stamina, endurance and every good thing about a fit body. But one must know when to stop. Overworking often results in serious injuries, muscle tears, fractures, and the thing most dangerous for your fitness, burnouts. You’re not getting much out of doubling the number of reps every Thursday; give yourself a break!
  • Being too competitive

    When you’re at the gym, there are bound to be a lot of hunky men and toned women walking around you. Whether you’re a man or a lady, there’s always an unconscious pressure to have a body like them. And it can drive you to stick to your workout regimes, eat healthy and stay motivated. But over comparison can be deadly. It is ok if you didn’t spout muscles in a month. You’re still fit even if your fat percentage isn’t coming down as violently as your workout buddy’s. What you eat could be radically different from their diet. You obviously have different genes. Your daily routine, metabolism and everything else is different! It isn’t something you need to obsess over, though. I’ve seen people lose their motivation to work out when they score worse than their arbitrary competitions. It’s hardly a reason to give up your growth story! So compete! But don’t get low if your chart doesn’t look as great as your friend’s. Your trainer knows how much is good enough and how much is great.
  • Too much of the same exercise

    Ok, we all have our favorite exercises. I like to do back exercises. But It isn’t going to help me if i spend all my time in the gym doing bridges. I need to get my legs in shape, my arms bulked up, and my chest to match the growth of the body. In fact, if i do too much of the same exercise, I may tire out that muscle group, and eliminate the possibility of doing a lot of exercises for ever a week! You might have a lot of stamina, but it is better to focus of several body parts than just one muscle set. Unless, you’re catching that set up with the rest on your body…
  • Lack of guidance

    You have gym instructors everywhere. Most gyms have more than one. It could be great to ask for help when you’re beginning an exercise. It is beneficial to look for guidance when you don’t get desired results. Your fitness trainers know what to do from when you’re having a cramp doing deadlifts to when you get your muscle locked. Sadly, people don’t take enough advice from the trainers and end up with injuries, which leads them to skip gym for the rest of the week. A fitness coach can tell you how many reps you should do, and how often you get to have cheat days, or what your diet plan should be. They’re willing to help you out. Asking them for help could save you from a world on pain.

Hopefully, this will help you make your gym time more worthwhile. Have another tip you’d like to share? Do leave a comment below!

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