4 Best Rowing Workouts For An Athletic Build

Fitness is great.

Rowing for fitness is amazing.

But, how often do you get it right?

Rowing exercises condition your fitness to those wonder-struck levels, and we are no kid when we say that. Its benefits are incredible.

But, rowing isn’t going to help you if you keep botching it up.

It is a do-gooder only if performed with a proper approach, an area where many fitness buffs fail and falter.

In this piece, we get you a low-down on the best 4 rowing exercises, which are sure to give you chiseled abs, and make you steal the show – anytime, anywhere.

Workout One

Method of Exercising

For the rowing time, and the rest time, the ratio is pegged at 1:1. The rowing shouldn’t eat up more than a minute. And, the rest will also follow the suit, as it has been also allocated a minute only. Repeat it for 10 rounds.

The Drill

    • Row for a maximum 250 meters.
    • Rest down for a minute.
  • Do this workout for 20 minutes.


It’s a rowing sprint, whose impact will be wide-ranged. Your heart beat will grow, you will sweat, and snip up those fat accumulations.

Workout Two

kettlebell swing

Method of Exercising

Assume kettlebell swings, carry out situps and do rowing, during which one minute rest, in each workout, will be allocated. Repeat it for 4 rounds.

The Drill

    • Row to drain out 30 calories.
  • Do 30 Russian Kettlebell Swings and AbMat Situps.


It will develop unparalleled strength, ranging from your core areas, quads, shoulders, butt muscles to your back.

Workout Three


Method of Exercising

Immediately after the row, do push-ups. During the rowing session, rest may be granted accordingly.

The Drill

The permutations and combinations be like:

    • 20 push-ups for every row of 1,000 meters.
    • 30 push-ups for every row of 750 meters
    • 40 push-ups for every row of 500 meters
  • 50 push-ups for every row of 250 meters


It’s a rowing activity that strengthens muscles and promotes holistic development of body and mind.

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Workout Four

Method of Exercising

For each row of 1000 meters, a total of six minutes have been allocated. In case, you finish it early, you will be required to do an all-out sprint of burpees.

The Drill

  • Row for a maximum of 1000 meters;


This rowing exercise attributes functional fitness, and targets every untoned section of your body, including arms, quads, glutes, abs and chest.

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