Best Mountain Bike 2020 – Top 12 Mountain Bike Reviews

From the current advanced gearshift trend, to the increase in wheel size, the solid evolution of mountain bikes is a true indication of the customer demand for more custom made Mountain bikes. By going through a number of mountain bike reviews, you will realize that the price, durability, or such does not always determine the best Mountain bike.

Rather, it’s often about its ability to meet your specific needs and preferences. In that regard, here are some basic mountain bike categories; knowing a thing about each is the first step towards identifying the best bike for you.

Mountain Bikes Categories

  • Rigid Mountain Bike: As the name suggests, rigid mountain bikes have no front and rear suspension capabilities.
  • Dual Suspension Mountain Bike: has a front telescopic fork and rear wheel shock absorber to cushion you from the minimal bump shocks accustomed to hard tail mountain bikes. You may want to budget for it as it is a bit pricy.
  • Hard tail Mountain Bike: these have a front suspension fork and rigid frame. Its simple framework and design makes it cheap and easy to maintain. With a hard tail, you may have to maneuver around some rough terrain as its minimal suspension provides room for bump shocks.
  • Soft Tail Mountain Bike: Is similar to the Rigid Mountain bike though with minimal inbuilt flexibility to offer sock resistance. Its design is accustomed to road bikes.
PRODUCTBody FrameDrivetrainWeight
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Diamond Overdrive
(Editor's Pick)

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Frame

3x9-speed drivetrain with Shimano Altus shifters

27 lbs

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Mongoose Impasse
(Budget Pick)

Aluminum High Tension Frame

21 speed Shimano rear derailleur

44 lbs

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Merax Finiss 26’’

Aluminum Mountain Frame

Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs

33 lbs

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Diamondback Hook

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Frame

SRAM single ring 1x8 drivetrain

45 lbs

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Schwinn High Timber

High Tension Steel Frame

Shimano twist shifters with 21 speeds

47.55 lbs

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Best Mountain Bike Winner – Diamond Overdrive Sport 29er Bike

If you have ever taken a ride on the Diamond override sport 29er, perhaps you will understand why our review is setting this bike as the top rated mountain bike. Being a modern 29er bike and with full suspension, the bike has no problem rolling over obstacles.


The Diamond Overdrive 29er lightweight construction should not fool you. Its6061-T6 aluminum alloy double wheel frame is strong enough to steer all rugged mountain trails.

  • The Bikes Quality Gears: Altus shifters and Acera derailleur provide smooth shifting as well as longevity
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame: ensures that you avoid dealing with the ever lucid challenge of rust, as well as maintaining the color of your bike
  • Quality Hydraulic Brake: to save you from bike accidents caused by failed brakes
  • Wheels: Come in various wheel sizes of 16, 18, 20, 22 inches.
  • Upon bike purchase, you get additional free items namely; water bottle, coat and 3 wheel diameters.
  • The bicycle can comfortably accommodate individuals weighting 300 lbs and above


  • This bike Can be a bit costly when compared to other mountain bike types

#2 Recommendation – Gravity Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

Gravity Full-Suspension

Here’s a mountain bike designed to even out rugged terrain or trail setbacks, enhance traction, and provide optimal maneuverability. This Gravity Suspension mountain bike comes with Single Pivot technology for nimble performance and better riding experience. If you want operational agility, this bike features newly-created, welded aluminum frame and hydroformed tubing for a slender, light body.

Gravity ditches traditional mechanical disc brakes due to inefficiencies and bulk in favor of Tektro Novello. You can take on wet conditions, downhill rides or trails with quick-stopping power. Shimano front and rear derailleurs makes changing gears by shifting the chain across sprockets a breeze. Suntour fork provides adjustable travel and zero-mess tweaks. Shimano EF51 24 speed shifters allow on-the-move gear adjustments.

Overall, this Gravity offers an entry-level mountain bike with all bells and whistles to dwarf its price such as Shimano drivetrain and adjustable front shock.


  • New welded aluminum frame for lighter, dynamic performance
  • Single Pivot Technology
  • Light, durable crankset alloy triple
  • Tektro Novela Disc for efficient, crisp stoppage
  • Adjustable rear coil over cartridge shoc


  • Assembly required

#3 Recommendation – Murtisol Hybrid Mountain Bike

Murtisol Hybrid

Murtisol Hybrid Mountain Bike has all nuts and bolts for those angling for rugged-off road rides. It’s nippy, sturdy and comfortable for fun, recreation and training. At a glance, the high quality steel frame and fussy craftsmanship details provides a lightweight, rider-friendly and versatile design. A 21-speed drivetrain and 27.5-inch A/V aluminum rims make it the king of the trails.

Another beguiling feature of this bike is the adjustable seat to suit your weight and height. However, it’s recommended for people in the region of 5’1” to 5’9’’ and up to 250 lbs. For comfortable riding, suspension front fork decrease the vibration in rugged terrain for added user comfort. Front and rear dual disc brakes enhance safety, responsiveness and controllability.

The upshot is this Murtisol mountain bike offers a reliable and powerful partner on the road for any cyclist. Onto the flaws, you have no colors to compare.


  • High quality steel frame
  • Lightweight, nimble and acrobatic geometry
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Adjustable seat
  • Suspension front fork


  • Seat height limits the number of users

Best Budget Friendly Bike – Mongoose Impasse

Mongoose Impasse

In picking the best budget friendly bike for you, we were looking not only at the build and price of the bike. We were evaluating the combined price and features of the bike in comparison to other top-level bikes. On this instance, we settled on the Mongoose impasse Dual full suspension bike that is not on averagely affordable, but a recommended bike among pro and amateur mountain bike users.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bike (29 inch) an off road mountain bike priced under $500. Its 29-inch tyre is perfect for off road usage.


  • Make: the Mongoose Impasse Dual Suspension Bike has an aluminum suspension body to maximize your comfort and ease of ride. This feature also boosts its overall performance.
  • Gear Movement: With SRAM shift modification gears and a 21 speed pace Shimano derailleur, you can easily adjust the speed of your bike.
  • Front and rear Suspension Capabilities: always make the rough terrain bike ride seem smooth.
  • Quality Break System: Thanks to the mongoose Full suspension bike’s rear and front wheel brake installation, you can be sure of a proper break halt. This is Irrespective of the climate conditions (moist or muddy surface conditions).
  • Fork: the element suspension fork of this bike makes off-road cycling more manageable with minimal jitters on bumps.


  • Packaging: Despite its high rating, there have been notable packaging complaints from a number of its customers. The mongoose Manufacturing box has no Styrofoam packaging to ensure safeguarding of its steer wheel, derailleur among other delicate pieces.

#5 Recommendation – Merax Finiss 26’’ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26’’ Aluminum 21 Speed

Merax Finiss 26’’ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike is an all-terrain mountain bike with a 21 speed derailleurs and shifters. The latter features offer better shifting and reliability when riding the bike. The additional front and rear disk brake mechanism is enough security to ensure control and safety when riding your bike in top speed. The bike is further well equipped for better control and smooth bump travel. This is thanks to the 80 mm suspension fork.


  • Design and Color: Unlike the Diamond overdrive sport 29er Bike that comes in one color, the Merax Speed Mountain Bike comes with red and white color variations to suit your taste.
  • Light weight: As a mountain bike, its aluminum frame makes is suitable for off road cycling;it reduces the bikes weight which allows you to have better speed and control of the bike.
  • Price: Merax Finiss 26’’ Aluminum 21 Speed 250 dollar price tag makes it attractive to any mountain biker; amateur or pro. No shipping costs to worry about.
  •  Short Assemble time: you can buy this bicycle and start riding it in less than an hour’s time. What makes this possible is it comes when it is 80 percent assembled. The pedal, front wheel, handlebars are the only things to install.Don’t forget to pump the tires.


  • Though minor, some Merax Finiss Mountain Bike buyers struggle to install the plastic/ metal pedals and wheels. If this is what you are experiencing, then you might have to part with some money to get your bike running.

#6 Recommendation – Diamondback Hook Hard Tail

Diamondback Hook Hard Tail

You may want to get the hard tail bike because it’s on the cheap side of the most expensive bikes (it retails under $1000). The diamond Hook Hard tail bike is a unisex mountain bike with a long and low geometrical frame for better cross-country riding.


  • Single front sprocket: with this feature, your bike chain will not go off yourbike any time soon;it also makes it easy to clean after a long and adventurous rough riding.
  • Wheel Speed: With a speed of 27.5’’you get the high end speed that you deserve, of course without having to worry much about rolling over. The wheels are also quite durable.
  • Chainstay and Bracket: the bike has a low bottom and short chain stay making it easier to descend a hill or take sharp corners


  • Mechanical Brakes: the Diamondback Hook Hard Tail bike has no Hydraulic brakes, but mechanical ones. This may not be that bad though Hydraulic brakes have a better tendency to offer solid and smooth stopping power; something that is questionable in Mechanical brake bikes.

#7 Recommendation – Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber

This is a men’s bike meant for outdoor enthusiasts like you who always like to enjoy a rush of adventure in rough terrain. It is sturdy and agile bike that will not cost you a lot of bucks ($201. 92). If you are a lady, you may also want to check out the Schwinn Women High Timber Mountain Bike.

Pros of Schwinn Mountain Bike

  • Solid frame: this bikes frame is made of quality steel that is strong, durable and apt for rugged conditions. Additionally, the steel frame make of the bike has a Suntour suspension fork to absorb rough terrain shock. This results in a less jittery and more comfortable ride. Its MTB riser handbar is a plus feature to give you that control and comfort of a top mountain bike.
  • Fast and Quicker Gear change : the bikes SRAM shift shifters and Shimano rear derailleur are meticulously placed to get you that fast and fun ride that you’ve always desired. During high speed hill declines or high speed ventures, you can always depend on Schwinn’s alloy linear break for a safe and smooth halt.
  • Wheels : the 26 inch Schwinn wheels are a true testament to its speed and maneuverability, especially in tight filed spaces. Its wheels are also made of several alloy components to get you a smooth and stable ride.
  • All Round bike: All weight Bike: Its 42 lbs weight makes the Schwinn Timber Bike suitable for both light and heavy dudes out there. It also has an adjustable saddle to accommodate the different height of riders. This latter merit is the hallmark features that may warrant you to get this bike.
  • Additional Pros: when it comes to assembling the bike, the Schwinn timber bike is unlike other bikes that require more than 40% assembling. This bike comes 800 % assembled, meaning less installation stress for you as the buyer.


  • This bike doesn’t come with a water bottle compartment. Meaning you will have to create a provision for water during your ride.
  • For longer than usual rides, the Schwinn’s high men timber bike seat can be a bit uncomfortable.

#8 Recommendation – Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak 26

For smooth or rugged pathcruising, the road master Granite mountain bike might just be the bike for you. It is a good recommended intermediate trail bike manufactured by Pacific Cycle. Besides its 26 wheel, Linear pull brakes, geometric steel frame and suspension fork features, the bike boast of a number of merits.


  • Comfortable Ride: With this bike you do not have to worry about riding up and downhill as its gear transition and range is smooth and effortless. This is a valuable asset especially in emergency situations where the bikes derailleur, including other parts fails to respond. Furthermore, though lacking a rear suspension, the front suspension fork makes off-road riding less uncomfortable.
  • Stable Bike: The extra weight of the Roadmaster Granite peak makes the bike heavier and thus have low center of gravity. You therefore don’t have to worry about stability issues.With a three piece crank, you can change its gears according to your preference


There are not much drawbacks to this bike:

  • This bike has a saddle that can be uncomfortable, especially when going on long rugged terrain escapades.
  • If you a frequent off road hiker, you may have to regularly adjusting this bike to suit the conditions. This can be a bit burdensome.

#9 Recommendation – BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650b Mountain Bike

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650b

The BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B mountain bike is a highly functional multipurpose bike for all kinds of weather. Its notable strong and durable carbon fiber frame makes it an all trail bike that will gladly take the punishment of rough surface cycling. Despite being made of super lightweight material, the BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B mountain bike shows minimal damage effect.


  • Has a tough light Carbon Fiber frame: This bike weighs 10.7 kilos which is lower than most top quality mountain bikes. With this carbon frame make, you are further assured of strength and durability. This cannot be said so for aluminum frame bikes.
  • SpeedSpeed is not a problem with this mountain bike as it bears a 27-30 speed system to make you experience optimal speed. This is complemented by a Shimano gear for top speed adjustment.
  • Build : With a 27-30 speed system to get your heart pumping you will need a powerful brake system to counter it. BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B got this covered with a one of a kind hydraulic dual disk brake system. This system uses Shimano m355 technology for powerful and prompt braking.


  • It has an Average Shock suspension meaning less comfortable ride.
  • This bike is a bit noisy when reversing; this can be irritating to you and your biking friends.
  • You may need to have this bike assembled at your bike shop as it’s a bike for seasoned pros.

#10 Recommendation – Cannondale Bad Habit Bike

Cannondale Bad Habit

You may want to consider the Cannondale bad habit bike if you are looking for a beast to conquer the toughest trail in your state? The bike is a good regular mountain biker’s choice. It registers speeds similar to a 29er, but with surprisingly low pressure tyres. These low pressure tires combine well with the full suspension of the bike to result in a smooth reactiontoterrain situations.

Other additional properties that make customers consider this bike include:


  • Its 27plus tyres have a solid grip to safely get you over any rocky terrain.
  • Fork Rake: the bike has a lefty fork that is over 54mm long. This is to reduce the trail impact and elevate its handling capabilities regardless of its large diameter tyre.
  • Upgradable: with an internal routing through its seat tubes, the bike can be upgraded to a dropper post.
  • Dependable Brakes: You may not have to worry about downhill deceleration as the Shimano Deore Hydraulic brakes is well configured to handle all the downhill jitters
  • Additional Pros: When combined together this bike’s crafted geometry and short Chainstay, it delivers a quality performance for an enhanced user experience.
  • It is also a unisex bike meaning no concerns about its weight or adaptability.


  • Expensive: the bike is highly priced (above $5000). The fact that the bike’s pedals are sold separately adds to its already expensive nature.

#11 Recommendation – Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike

Montague Paratrooper

Initially built for military use, the Montage Paratrooper Mountain Bike is ideal for all mountain biking explorations. Under its amour are 24 riding speeds with an additional mechanical disk break to give you a smooth riding experience.


  • Foldable : As its best feature, this bike is foldable meaning no stress in carrying it around to your favorite mountain biking spot. You can now use the extra space in your car trunk to store other biking essentials.
  • Sturdy Frame : With a 7005 series aluminum frame, theMontague Paratrooper Mountain Bike is strong enough to handle any type of terrain.
  • Downhill Safety : A quality mountain bike should not only be able to safely get you to the top of a slope, but also bring you back to your starting position. With this bike, you can ride downhill from a steep area. This is attributed to its Folding integrated technology.
  • Light frame : though weighing 32lbs, its sturdiness is to be endeared to get you through a rough terrain course.


  • Essential Customization: the bike requires customization to be in tune with your needs. Case in point, its crank shaft and stem are not of standard market quality, though are easily replaceable.
  • Repair Challenges: Being quite unique and specific in model, many shops struggle to service their customers with repairs of this bike.

#12 Recommendation – Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual Suspension Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0

It may not have similar 29er capabilities that resonate with some of the aforementioned bikes, but it is a basic and durable bike that will not bring you less problems on the rough terrain. The bike is suitable for new mountain bike enthusiasts who are looking for that first time biking experience. It is also a stringent and low budget biking option for those willing to spend less than $300 on a bike. Here are some more detailed merits of the bike.


  • Cheap Beginners Option: though not a pro athlete kind of bike, the bike is excellent for entry level enthusiasts who wants to engage in a new hobby; of course at a low budget (under $300)
  • Quick to Assemble: With only four parts to attach, the mountain bike will take you the least time to assemble. Most people take less than an hour to get their bike rolling.
  • Modifiable : you don’t have to worry a lot about not getting what you want with this bike. That is because it is upgradable; thought not fully. To increase durability, you can thus get a replacement for the rare suspension spring or brakes; all this at a pocket friendly rate.
  • Quality shifters: as a beginner in mountain bike riding, this bike will provide you with decent shifters that will make your off road / slope climbing experience less strenuous.


  • Weighty : this bike weighs 45 lbs. This is heavy considering the lighter options in the market. The weight also lessens the experience of a rider as most pro athletes prefer mountain bikes that offer a more dynamic experience.
  • Wheels : the Wheels of the Schwinn Dual Suspension Bike are not of the highest alloy grade though this is expected considering its low price tag.

Beside the aforementioned mountain bike review and categories, you might be interested to know some of the factors to consider before buying a mountain bike :

Tips On Buying The Best Mountain Bike

  • First Define Your Primary Goal : what is the aim of buying a Mountain bike? Is it for commuting, hiking or both? By answering these questions you will be able to gain clarity on the best type of mountain bike to buy, including how much to spend on.
  • Whip a Budget : as you plan to purchase your mountain bike, it is important to limit your spending to a budget. As you plan your budget, ensure that your budget includes accessories such as: bicycle helmet, cycling apparel just to mention a few.
  • Research on Current Market Trends : by going through mountain bike reviews such as ours, you will realize that the current mountain bike market is a pro steel, aluminum titanium and carbon bike. Each of these bicycle makes has its own advantages and disadvantages: Steel made bikes are for instance affordable, heavy and more susceptible to corrosion Titanium is corrosion free, but pricy.

Wrap Up

With the above mentioned mountain bike tips and mountain bike reviews, you can now make an informed choice. Finding the best mountain bike can be challenging but equally rewarding.

A top mountain bike gives you the comfort, confidence and excitement to go through hard rocks, muddy surfaces and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in your adventure. You also get the freedom to say goodbye to the common bicycle challenges of a broken chain, bike frame, uncomfortable rugged surfaces and what have you.

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